Good year for Jamaica’s juniors

first_img When he won in Poland, it was no surprise, as for the past two years, he has been unbeaten among his peers in the event. The outstanding Hyde, who finished second at the National Senior Championships, added more glory as he went on to represent the country at the Olympic Games, where he advanced to the second round of the event. While James and Hyde were head and shoulders above their peers, there were several others who made their marks – especially in Poland. This includes Shannon Kalawan, Rushelle Burton and Junelle Bromfield, among the females, and Nigel Ellis among the males. Burton and Kalawan won silver in the 100 and 400 metres hurdles, while Bromfield won bronze in the 400 metres with Ellis taking the bronze in the 200 metres. UNBEATEN It was another good year for the country’s junior athletes, who once again made their marks on the international scene. The IAAF World Under-20 Championships in Bydgoszcz, Poland provided the stage for the country’s juniors, who picked up eight medals – two gold, three silver and three bronze; to finish fifth overall. It was also fifth for them on the placing table with 71 points. Tiffany James and Jaheel Hyde, who both captured gold medals in their respective events, were the island’s standout performers of the championships. James, who now attends The Mico University College, showed tremendous improvement over the past year to create history by becoming the first Jamaican female to capture a global gold medal in the one-lap event. This is a great achievement for her, considering the quality quarter-milers that Jamaica has produced over the years. After winning the bronze medal at the Carifta Games in Grenada in 52.70 seconds a few months earlier, James continued her improvement and surprised Junelle Bromfield at the National Junior Championships, to win the event in a then personal best of 52.06 seconds. In Poland, she was on fire as she made her intentions clear from the first time she graced the track, winning her heat in 52.98 seconds to be the fastest qualifier. In the semi-finals, she remained unbeaten after winning in a new personal best of 51.77 seconds, before improving with a lifetime best of 51.32 seconds in the final. She did this with a gritty performance to hold off the United States’ Lynna Irby, who also went sub-52 seconds, finishing second, also in a personal best 51.39 seconds. Hyde was a cut above his peers and after his success two years ago in the 400 metres hurdles at the World Juniors in Eugene, Oregon, he had little difficulty in creating history by becoming the first male athlete to win back-to-back titles, when he easily won the event in Poland in 49.03 seconds. Now in his second year at the University of the West Indies, Hyde is not new to success on the international stage. In 2013 in Donetsk, Ukraine, he won the World Youth 110 metres hurdles title and also won the event at the World Summer Youth Olympics in Nanjing, China the following year.last_img read more

Dictatorship once again….

first_imgDear Editor,It is common knowledge that a country’s Constitution is the supreme law of the land which every President, Prime Minister, Minister of Government and Member of Parliament have sworn to uphold, and it is sacrosanct and must be unreservedly respected at all times. This is so since it lays out the procedure for the establishment of laws and the administration of the country; it is the bed rock of the Government and it zealously protects the rights of the citizens of the country and limits the Government through a series of checks and balances. Any government which operates above the Constitution will be stepping into the realm of a dictatorship.Unfortunately, never in the history of Guyana has a President and its Government treated our Constitution with such grave and blatant disdain, disrespect and contempt as if it’s a set of rules on a washroom’s wall! Imagine such contemptuousness and scornfulness emanating from a man whom some claimed was anointed by some higher being to rule Guyana. Yet, every time he speaks and he assures the people that he will respect the Constitution, he then did his trademark ‘about turn’.This has been happening since his illegal and unilateral appointment of Patterson as the GECOM’s Chairman but became more pronounced after the NCM on December 21, 2018. Imagine, it took the CCJ to point out this illegality, yet he was adamant that he was legally correct. Since then, he has intentionally trampled on the Constitution and the CCJ’s ruling whilst repeating his vacuous rhetoric about respecting the Constitution and the rule of law.The indisputable characteristics of a dictator! Guyanese have still not forgotten the Burnham’s dictatorship and now his disciple wants to unleash the same on this nation. Guyanese had seen 23 years of democratic rule and enormous socio-economic development and will never tolerate any form of dictatorship again.Not only Guyanese saw this. In March this year, the United Nations Resident Coordinator, Nikiko Tanaka, made a strong statement which should have been heeded by Granger with great alacrity when he pronounced that, “recent political developments triggered by the no-confidence vote in the National Assembly are a test for Guyana’s strength and integrity with regard to the effectiveness of the rule of law and governance”. This coalition Government has miserably failed that ‘test’.Moreover, it was since March as well that the US Ambassador, HE Sarah-Ann Lynch, spoke about the need for free and fair elections and the EU since February this year spoke about the need for constitutional compliance and respect for the rule of law as the corollary to free and fair elections. Undoubtedly, these people saw a certain ominous trend emerging and were subtly guiding the coalition. Unfortunately, they did ignore the inherent warning.Then, the diplomacy was dropped by the United States, the UK and the EU after the surpassing of the September 18 deadline! They unequivocally stated in a joint statement that, “ the Government is in breach of the Constitution following its failure to adhere to the decisions of the Caribbean Court of Justice (CCJ) on June 18 and its subsequent orders”.This was followed by a statement by the Commonwealth Secretary-General, Baroness Patricia Scotland, who called for the restoration of constitutional rule and brought to fore the fact that General Elections in Guyana is now constitutionally overdue. Other local bodies such as FITUG, the Bar Association, IAC, GCCI, AmCham, CIOG, and the Zadok Ministers Fellowship among others reiterate this clarion call for Granger to respect the Constitution and set a date for the General and Regional Elections. Additionally and above all, the Guyanese people have demanded through nationwide protests and demonstrations that Granger and his caretaker Government respect our Constitution and the CCJ’s rulings. All of these would have seemed to bore dividends.Granger had finally agreed to address the date for elections after consultation with his ‘Cabinet’ and a meeting with the Chairman of GECOM. He claimed on Wednesday morning that he was seeking more information before he moves to dissolve Parliament. But the euphoria was short lived! I was sure that this was just another in his interminable series of vacillations to avoid elections for as long as possible regardless of who says what! This was exactly what he did on Wednesday when he addressed the Guyanese nation and dropped the bombshell!He said that, “I am pleased to announce that…the earliest date for the holding of General and Regional Elections will be Monday, 2nd March, 2020”. His outright lies, half-truths and wholesale deceit have once again exposed the hallmarks of a true dictator! Now he has attached another senseless condition to his ‘election date setting’ charade. He now demands that the Opposition extends the life of Parliament and by extension, his illegal Government, so that he could legalise his illegalities perpetuated so far. He is still in gross violation of the CCJ’s rulings and our Constitution, yet again he denies!Granger needs to understand that he must respect the intelligence of the Guyanese populace. We are not fools and he cannot continue to hold this nation hostage by his nonsensical semantics in his inane quest for absolute power. Indeed, the meandered legal process travelled by the Granger’s Administration are indeed ‘frivolous and aimed at delaying the consequences of the No-Confidence Motion’. No other interpretation is possible! His Government has lost and he must accept that to preserve whatever shred of dignity he has remaining.This political hopscotching by Granger to extend his Government’s life will continue as the condemnation locally and internationally gains momentum which will finally result in economic sanctions against Guyana. Unfortunately, again the Guyanese people will suffer. History has a way of repeating itself, but this time, the ejection process will be faster than in 1992 when the PNC had to accede to free and fair elections in fear of the international economic guillotine!There is still time to avoid an economic crisis Mr Granger!Yours sincerely,Haseef Yusuflast_img read more

No Liberian Is More Liberian Than The Others (Part 2)

first_imgNo Liberian is more Liberian than the others: Mitigating cultural dishonesty and mis-education in Liberia require a democratic solution, a collective effort where citizens proffer and propound diverse constructive views for the Betterment of the Society. THAT SAID, I AM HAVING MY SAY FOR THE RECORDLiberian Lawmaker is Categorically Wrong for the Condemnation: An Apology to Ambassador Christine Elder and Her Eight ColleaguesBy: Kadiker Rex Dahn, MA, M.Ed, PhDIntroduction Recently, diplomats from various missions in Liberia including the United States, United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland, France, Germany, Ireland, Japan, Norway and Sweden requested the Liberian government with immediate effect, to restitute donor funds that were arbitrarily removed from the Central Bank’s accounts without the donors’ consent.The letter in question signed by nine ambassadors from those countries named above was a serious political, national and international embarrassment, and blow to the government of President Weah. The letter directly accused the Liberian government of fiscal irresponsibility. The Minister of Information, Eugene Lenn Nagbe claimed that using donors’ resources in such a form and manner was a standard practice of the Liberian government and directly pointed finger at the Government of former President Sirleaf where Mr. Nagbe lastly served as Minister of information. The Honorable Minister did not produce a letter of similar nature accusing the Government of President Sirleaf, yet he was only interested in identifying PARTNER IN CRIME.He claimed the government’s habitual practice of DIGGING HOLE AND COVERING HOLE, which is a corrupt and disingenuous practice of diverting funds, is customary disposition in the Liberian government. That is the Minister of Information whose performance seems now to be below standard perhaps of inundation and longevity in government offering explanations of the donors’ funds in question. Others from similar school of thought like that of Mr. Nagbe from the House of Representatives and parts of the Liberian government, whose understanding of diplomacy is either minute, mediocre or completely lacking, have also condemned the letter written by the ambassadors. The purpose of this article is to appeal to Ambassador Christine Elders and other eight Western Diplomats to forgive the sins of ignorance and ineptitude demonstrated by those who condemned the Nine Diplomats on account of their letter.DiscussionFew days ago, one of Liberian Lawmakers, who described himself as an opposition Lawmaker condemned The Nine Western Diplomats, who wrote a letter to His Excellency, President Weah protesting and demanding the restitution of donors’ funds arbitrarily removed from their account at the Central Bank of Liberia. Funds in question were generated by countries whose ambassadors wrote the President. The funds were set aside for targeted development projects in Liberia, but were not to be tempered with, let alone to withdraw without donors’ consent. The ambassadors stated: “Excellency, the so-called ‘borrowing initiative damages donors’ confidence in your government’s use of donors’ resources and its ability to serve as an effective partner in development programs. We are apprehensive about the potential negative impact such conduct may have on assistance to Liberia overall. We appreciate your understanding of our concerns and your prompt action to ensure that any funding that has been removed from donors’ account for expenditures outside of agreed uses is restored without delay and that such unacceptable practices cease immediately.”Mediocre understanding of the Roles of Ambassadors, a Liberian Lawmaker erroneously thought the issue at hand was a child play. He criticized the ambassadors and suggested that they should have used different protocol where such issue will be referred to the respective President, and where again each President will call and complain directly to President Weah. I am not certain when this lawmaker became a student of diplomacy, and if for the sake of argument, he was schooled in diplomacy, is he more competent and knowledgeable about diplomatic issues than those nine in question? The lawmaker in question argues, “If there is any issue relating to diplomatic matter that the ambassadors have discovered, they need to channel it through the proper channel, but to disrespect the integrity of a sitting President of a sovereign nation like Liberia and also the citizens of Liberia need to be respected. If processes do not realize fruitful results, then you (ambassadors) can contact your Presidents, who will then contact President Weah.” Here again, deficiency and inadequacy in understanding diplomatic matter is glaringly demonstrated. Honorable Lawmaker, Wikipedia reminds us that ambassadors are diplomats of the highest rank, formally representing the Head of State with Plenipotentiary Powers, meaning ambassadors have full authority to represent their governments and presidents. In other words, Honorable Lawmaker, whenever you see Her Excellency Christine Elders, you have seen President Donald Trump of the United States of America. When she speaks, it is President Trump speaking. From her office in Mamba Point, any word she utters, her utterance is that of President Trump. These statements are equally true of all of the ambassadors that you, the Lawmaker have ignorantly condemned. Such reckless comments by you and others without consultation may have negative ripple effects on our government.What if the United States Government closes it Embassy for such reckless statements? What can you, as a Liberian Lawmaker, and your likes offer the Government of President Weah? Better still, if the rest of the ambassadors you condemned pack their belongings, close their respective embassies, will Liberia survive? We must all collectively and constructively change the culture of corruption that has become a habit, a way of life and a cultural disposition in Liberia. Sycophancy and the culture of dishonesty are destroying our country. The action of the government was not thoughtful. We must be honest and speak truth to power. Why should the funds be tempered with? Does patriotism and nationalism constitute defending individuals, who diverted donor resources without proper account? The General Auditing Commission (GAC) damning reports of the US$25 million allegedly infused in the Liberian economy without proper account, is that not a further demonstration of fiscal irresponsibility by the government? Do you expect GAC to camouflage the reports? This is a serious shame and disgrace on our Government.Conclusion Amb. Elders and colleagues, as we have already made the case, some of those quick to speak on issues they have no knowledge of, do so in ignorance, ineptitude and sycophancy. You and your colleagues were right for bringing to book the misused and misapplication of donors’ funds, funds your respective governments contributed for the development of Liberia. The misapplication was corruption at the highest level. We applaud you and your colleagues and appeal that you triple your efforts and ensure funds in question are restituted. We equally so appeal and extend an apology to you and your other Western Counterparts for the uninformed comments made by a Liberian Lawmaker and the Minister of Information. Our people should not suffer for blunder and ineptitude of a selected few.About the author:Kadiker Rex Dahn holds two Masters and a PhD in Historical, Philosophical and Social Foundations of Education from the University of Oklahoma. He formerly served as a Deputy Minister of Education and Deputy Director General, National Commission of Higher Education. He is a member of the North America Scholar Consortium, membership with Highest Honor. Contact: yenpuu@yahoo.comShare this:Click to share on Twitter (Opens in new window)Click to share on Facebook (Opens in new window) Dr. Kadiker Rex Dahn – Advertisement –last_img read more

“Achieving unity in Guyana is a collective job”

first_img…Harmon tells ACDA ForumMinister of State Joseph Harmon during his address at the commencement of the African Cultural Development Association’s (ACDA) Karemu Thanksgiving said that the observation celebrates principles that every individual can embrace, particularly unity in homes, communities and the country.Minister of State Joseph Harmon lights the ‘Umoja’ candle, which signifies a commitment to promoting and embracing unityHe, therefore, sounded a call for a cooperative effort in embracing and promoting national unity and harmony, noting that every Guyanese has a responsibility to do so.Kwanzaa is focused on seven main principles: ‘Umoja’ or unity, ‘Kujichagulia’ or self-determination, ‘Ujima’ which means collective work and responsibility, ‘Ujamaa’ meaning cooperative economics, ‘Nia’ representing a purpose to drive society and ‘Kuumba’, which speaks to creativity and ‘Imani’ or faith.These youngsters from the African Cultural Development Association’s Youth arm perform several traditional drumming renditions for the audienceHe stated that “Unity is so important in our country today. Our Government acknowledges and recognises not only the principle of unity but all of the other principles on which Kwanza stands. We believe that this country of ours is for all of us, all the people of Guyana, not just one section and that is why we came into office with a promise of providing a good life for all Guyanese. We have the confidence that we will be able to deliver our mandate, our polices and provide a good life for all,” the Minister of State said.Further, he noted that since his assumption to office, President David Granger has been advocating for a revival in the cooperative spirit so that every section of society can grow and develop, particularly small businesses. Minister Harmon said too that he is pleased that one of the main pillars of the celebration speaks to cooperatives and how much can be achieved through pooled resources and cooperation.“We believe that the cooperative sector is the sector in Guyana that will be utilised to move our people from conditions in which they live to prosperity so I am happy to hear you talk about cooperatives,” he said.Harmon noted that issues which affect the lives and livelihoods of citizens are important to the David Granger-led Administration and therefore, the Government will do what it can to ensure that issues of access to education, national unity, equality, access to information and communication technology, quality social services and celebration of culture among others are addressed.A member of the African Cultural Development Association performs the libation to commence the Kwanzaa Karemu observationKwanza Karemu was first introduced to Guyana in the 1970s by a group of African-Americans residing here. However, it did not become a part of the African-Guyanese calendar until 1992 when the then newly-formed ACDA revived the celebration and held its first observance. As the celebration goes, before December 26, the first day of Kwanzaa, the entire house is cleaned. The home is then dressed in colours of red, black and green and African motifs are displayed along with other cultural articles.On the morn of December 26, the entire family gathers around the Kwanzaa table and libations are offered to the creator and ancestors. This signaled the commencement of week-long activities to celebrate the event.Candles are lit and the family discuss their failures, successes and their achievements in fostering unity in the family and community over the past year. If anyone has exemplified this principle during the year, gifts are given. This ceremony is repeated with each principle being the center of discussion for the next seven days.A community feast occurs on the seventh day and on this day, the entire community or organisation assess its successes, failures and achievements of the Kwanzaa principles.last_img read more

CCJ case management set for next month

first_imgConstitutional challengeThe Caribbean Court of Justice (CCJ) will soon be setting dates to hear the Guyana Government’s appeal on the constitutional challenge case.The CCJ will hold a case management conference on February 6, 2018, at which the dates will be set after the court would have consulted with attorneys on both sides, in order to determine a date.Hearing is scheduled to begin at 10:00h in the Trinidad-based court and will be done via audio-visual recording, according to information posted on the CCJ website.The decision to refer the matter to the CCJ was presided over by acting Chancellor Yonette Cummings-Edwards, Appellate Judge Dawn Gregory and High Court Judge Rishi Persaud.Former Speaker Raphael Trotman and Attorney General Basil Williams were named as the respondents in the original court action, which was filed by Cedrick Richardson in the High Court.Justice Carl Singh, then acting Chancellor, had argued in the Appeal Court ruling that a decision on the term-limit rested with the people via a referendum and not the National Assembly.He had sought to impress the point that people should choose whom they “please to govern them” and noted that this is essential to all other rights.During the February decision, Chancellor of the Judiciary Carl Singh was supported by Justice of Appeal, BS Roy in upholding Justice Chang’s decision. Chief Justice (ag) Yonette Cummings-Edwards, who also sat on the panel, gave a dissenting judgement.The former CJ’s ruling was based on a constitutional challenge, filed on behalf of Georgetown resident, Cedric Richardson in February 2014.He had argued that Act 17 of 2001, which was passed by a two-thirds majority of the National Assembly, unconstitutionally curtailed and restricted his sovereign and democratic right and freedom as a qualified elector to elect a former President as the Executive President of the Cooperative Republic of Guyana. Richardson contended that the limit was unconstitutional and illegal.He also wanted the court to determine whether the amendment with a referendum should not have been held, instead of the two-thirds majority in the National Assembly having the powers to decide to limit the number of terms.After several months in the court, the former CJ ruled in favour of Richardson’s argument, but the decision did not sit well with Attorney General Basil Williams who had immediately indicated an intention to appeal.The other restrictions were to also declare unqualified to run for the presidency, citizens of Guyana not resident in Guyana on Nomination Day; citizens of Guyana resident in Guyana on Nomination Day but who have not been continuously resident in Guyana for seven years prior to that date, and citizens of Guyana by registration.In his Appeal, Williams had argued that Justice Chang “erred and misdirected himself in the law” in ruling that the National Assembly which passed Act No. 17 of 2001 is unconstitutional and of no effect as it failed to comply with Article164 (2)(a) of the Constitution.The Attorney General said he believed Justice Chang also erred in ruling that the Act in question, in substance and effect, diminishes the democratic right of the electorate in electing a person of their own choice as President.Williams also posited that Chang erred in law in not satisfying himself that the court has jurisdiction to grant the reliefs sought.In an affidavit in support of the notice of application for leave to appeal to the CCJ, drawn up by Attorney Roysdale Forde, former Speaker Trotman contends that the majority of judges erred in law in several instances and as such.Trotman is looking to have the CCJ set aside or reverse the decision that was originally upheld by the Court of Appeal.last_img read more

Kabras thrash Quins to retain unbeaten run

first_imgKabras ran in three converted tries, two of them dotted down by Ugandan fullback Philip Wokarach, against Kenya Harlequin’s penalty. It was however the first time this season that Kabras have failed to win with a bonus.The win, ninth of the season, takes Kabras to 44 points but the gap between and KCB has now been reduced by four points.The bankers picked up a 32-8 win over Strathmore Leos in Madaraka to move to within breathing distance of the leaders.Kabras Sugar’s Philip Wokarach prepares to boot in a conversion during their Kenya Cup clash against Kenya Harlequins at the RFUEA Ground on February 9, 2019. PHOTO/Raymond MakhayaThe visitors produced a sublime first half as Wokorach, winger Kevin Keegan and fly-half Logan Basson combined well to lead 14-3.Lyle Asiligwa had taken Quins 3-0 up but Wokorach opened the scoring for Kabras courtesy of clever hands inside Quins’ 22 after which he converted to make it 3-7.Another beautiful play saw George Nyambua bag Kabras Sugar’s second that was converted by Wokorach to lead 14-3. Quins had a bright start to the second half but a number of knock-ons and forward passes saw Kabras punish them.Ambaka had a chance to set Frank Wanyama but his pass forward. Kabras quickly took the penalty with Kevin Keegan managing to assist Wokorach to score his second and convert.Kenya Cup action between Kenya Harlequins and Kabras Sugar at the RFUEA Ground on February 9, 2019. PHOTO/Raymond MakhayaMeanwhile, Kenya 7s international Collins Injera scored a hat-trick as Mwamba RFC beat Blak Blad 26-13 in the early kick off at the RFUEA.Mwamba also bagged a bonus as they ran in four tries with three of them being converted by Tony Omondi and Elvis Namusasi. The win saw them leapfrog Nondies to fourth place with 27 points.It was Mwamba’s fifth win of the season as Blad suffered their seventh defeat of the campaign.Blad trailed 12-03 at the interval courtesy of Allan Ominde’s penalty in the 40th minute and looked like they would stage a comeback by scoring back to back tries from Byron Ogada and Leroy Mbugua but Injera’s try with two minutes to go handed Mwamba the all-important win.Kenya Cup resultsMwamba 26 Blad 13Quins 3 Kabras Sugar 21Nakuru 32 Nondies 33Machine 13 Homeboyz 22Oilers 22 Impala 24Strathmore 8 KCB 32-Info courtesy Raga House0Shares0000(Visited 1 times, 1 visits today) 0Shares0000Kabras Sugar’s Kevin Keegan wheels away to score a try during their Kenya Cup clash against Kenya Harlequins at the RFUEA Ground on February 9, 2019. PHOTO/Raymond MakhayaNAIROBI, Kenya, Feb 9 – Kabras Sugar retained their unbeaten run in the Kenya Cup after hitting Kenya Harlequins 21-3 at their RFUEA Backyard on Saturday evening.Pre-match, Quins coach Charles Cardovillis wholed Kabras to the final last season had vowed to break the Westerners winning streak, but Kabras came in with a strong attitude and left Ngong Road with maximum points.last_img read more


first_imgToday is officially Pink Ribbon Day and Donegal is doing its bit to help fight breast cancer.October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month and the Irish Cancer Society is telling everyone that they still need to be breast aware and take care of their health as breast cancer incidence rises by 32% over ten years.Breast cancer is one of the most common cancers and while it primarily affects women each year a small number of men are also diagnosed.The Irish Cancer Society urges everyone to ‘Paint it Pink’ this October and raise vital funds for lifesaving breast cancer research and crucial cancer support services. Two women die every day in Ireland from this disease. Together, we CAN change that!The Irish Cancer Society would like to thank you for your support in the past.Huge breakthroughs are being made in the fight against breast cancer but right now breast cancer is at a tipping point. More women are surviving but more are being diagnosed, than ever before. Two women die every day in Ireland from the disease. Together we are going to change that.By doing whatever it takes, however we can, working tirelessly every day and we urgently need your help this October.1 in 10 women in Ireland will get breast cancer at some point in their lifetimeThe good news is more people are surviving cancer. Recent figures show that 5 year survival rates for breast cancer are at 85%, however we want people to not only survive cancer but to continue to live full and active lives after their treatment and for many to do this they need support. The Cancer Society are asking everyone to get involved and support them by painting an event pink to help the thousands of patients, families and survivors who are affected by breast cancer this year.During October shops, homes, business and towns all over Ireland are painting it pink to raise money and awareness as part of ‘Paint it Pink Campaign’. It is a fun way for people to raise money for the Society’s work across breast cancer funding vital research, advocacy and services to those affected by the disease.The campaign is all about organising a big or small event to ‘paint it pink’ during October and raising money to help fund the Irish Cancer Society’s breast cancer services. Friday 2nd marks ‘Paint it Pink Day’ volunteers in towns around the country will be selling pink ribbons and pins to fight breast cancer.A Paint It Pink Event is coming your way! SAVE THIS DATE! Sat 31st October, 2015 Mt. Errigal Hotel, 7.30pm and play your part in the fight against Breast CancerFor event details check out Facebook at Donegal’s Breast Player 2015.DONEGAL URGED TO DO ITS BIT FOR PINK RIBBON DAY! was last modified: October 2nd, 2015 by StephenShare this:Click to share on Facebook (Opens in new window)Click to share on Twitter (Opens in new window)Click to share on LinkedIn (Opens in new window)Click to share on Reddit (Opens in new window)Click to share on Pocket (Opens in new window)Click to share on Telegram (Opens in new window)Click to share on WhatsApp (Opens in new window)Click to share on Skype (Opens in new window)Click to print (Opens in new window) Tags:donegalIrish Cancer SocietyPink Ribbon Daylast_img read more


first_imgJudge John O’HaganA JUDGE has said he fears the facilities at a cramped court house could be potentially dangerous in the event of an emergency.Judge John O’Hagan was speaking at Letterkenny Circuit Court yesterday as he was about to sit at a jury trial. A jury panel of almost 100 people and around 200 other people attending a family law hearing at the District Court in the same court house had been forced to wait in a cramped waiting area between the two court rooms.A consultancy room, complained barrister Peter Nolan, meant that he had to use a dishevelled jury room to speak to his client because no other facilities were available.The courts service has already given the go-ahead to a new court house in Letterkenny which will be completed in 2017.But Judge O’Hagan said the conditions in the 19th century court house still being used were ‘intolerable’.He went on: “God forbid if there was an emergency and we had to get everybody out quickly because we couldn’t.”He said he new the caretaker of the court building was “tearing his hair out” trying to cope with the out-dated facilities.“I won’t be here in 2017 when the new court will open but something must be done about what we have in the meantime,” said Judge O’Hagan.“I intend to write to the Chief Executive of the Courts Service to complain because what everyone has to do deal with here is a disgrace.”Mr Nolan told the court that the facilities were ‘outrageous’.He said people attending the family law hearing were forced to stand ‘cheek to cheek’ in the waiting room for hours on end.He said it simply wasn’t good enough that he had to use a jury room for a consultation with a client facing very serious criminal charges.JUDGE: MY FEARS IF THERE IS AN EMERGENCY AT CRAMPED COURT HOUSE was last modified: February 12th, 2015 by John2Share this:Click to share on Facebook (Opens in new window)Click to share on Twitter (Opens in new window)Click to share on LinkedIn (Opens in new window)Click to share on Reddit (Opens in new window)Click to share on Pocket (Opens in new window)Click to share on Telegram (Opens in new window)Click to share on WhatsApp (Opens in new window)Click to share on Skype (Opens in new window)Click to print (Opens in new window) Tags:court houseJUdge John O’Haganletterkennylast_img read more


first_imgThe price of diesel in Donegal could be soon €1.55 a litre according to a top motor industry expert.AA spokesman Conor Faughnan told Highland Radio’s Shaun Doherty that the price of diesel was now out of control.“It is tipping €1.50 and in the coming days with the Budget it will probably reach €1.55,” he said. He also said the Government’s rise in fuel prices was doing nothing to bring money into the economy.“They don’t realise that by rising the price of fuel, they are not actually bringing in any more money into the exchequer.“People only have a limited amount of money and if people are spending an extra €5 a month on diesel or petrol, then they will have to stop spending it elsewhere,” he warned.Callers to the show said they had noticed a massive increase in diesel prices in recent days with some called in Inishowen saying some petrol stations charging €1.53 already. DIESEL COULD REACH €1.55 A LITRE IN DONEGAL SOON SAYS EXPERT was last modified: November 22nd, 2011 by StephenShare this:Click to share on Facebook (Opens in new window)Click to share on Twitter (Opens in new window)Click to share on LinkedIn (Opens in new window)Click to share on Reddit (Opens in new window)Click to share on Pocket (Opens in new window)Click to share on Telegram (Opens in new window)Click to share on WhatsApp (Opens in new window)Click to share on Skype (Opens in new window)Click to print (Opens in new window)last_img read more


first_imgJudge Keenan JohnsonA JURY has watched video footage of the night furniture, bottles and iron bars were chucked at Gardai during a two-hour house siege.Two videos, recorded by Gardai on their mobile phones, were shown at Letterkenny Circuit Court at the trial of a man accused of a breach of the peace and causing criminal damage. John Boyle (25) of 14 Leck Cottages, denies the charges in the case before Judge Keenan Johnson.Two other men who were found hiding in the attic of the house have pleaded guilty to their part in the incident. One of them -Eddie McLaughlin – appeared as a defence witness in the case.Thirteen people were arrested in the house after gardaí moved in following a two-hour stand-off at 72 Thornbury, Letterkenny, during the disturbance on October 13, 2011.Garda reinforcements were sent from Ballybofey to help deal with the situation.A 20-minute video of the incident – recorded by Garda Leanne Harraghy – was shown to the jury.During the incident men hiding their faces with scarves or items of clothing could be seen throwing furniture and items from the house at Gardai dressed in riot gear below.Hot liquid, an iron bar, bits of broken furniture and bottles were thrown from the house, it has been alleged.In her evidence Garda Harraghy said that when she went to the scene around dawn on the date of the siege, items including an iron bar were thrown at her.She also alleged she had been spat on from an upstairs window of the house.On the video, men could be heard shouting ‘piggy b*******’ at officers. One of them had shouted ‘No Surrender’ over and over again whilst another voice could be heard demanding 20 Benson & Hedges cigarettes.Someone also shouted ‘Keep er lit’.Eventually gardai could be seen in the footage breaking down the front door and then had to remove a barrier made up of broken furniture.McLaughlin, serving a prison sentence at Castlerea, told barrister Peter Nolan, acting for Mr Boyle, that it was he who had thrown items including a clothes horse at Gardai.Asked why he was giving evidence for Mr Boyle, McLaughlin replied: “Because he was charged with something he never done.”He said he didn’t remember seeing Mr Boyle involved in any acts of criminal damage during the siege.Earlier a neighbour living next to the siege house told the court that she was unable to leave for her work at Letterkenny Hospital after Gardai had advised her it was too dangerous to leave the house.The trial continues…..JURY WATCHES VIDEO OF DONEGAL HOUSE SIEGE was last modified: February 12th, 2014 by John2Share this:Click to share on Facebook (Opens in new window)Click to share on Twitter (Opens in new window)Click to share on LinkedIn (Opens in new window)Click to share on Reddit (Opens in new window)Click to share on Pocket (Opens in new window)Click to share on Telegram (Opens in new window)Click to share on WhatsApp (Opens in new window)Click to share on Skype (Opens in new window)Click to print (Opens in new window) Tags:CIRCUIT COURTJohn Boyleletterkennysiegestand-offTHORNBERRYlast_img read more