Enbridge reaches deal with Michigan on underwater Great Lakes pipeline

CALGARY — Enbridge Inc. says it has reached a deal with the State of Michigan on the aging Line 5 pipelines that run along the bottom of a channel between Lakes Huron and Michigan.The twin pipelines were laid in 1953 and have raised increasing concerns about the potential impacts on the Great Lakes if the 540,000-barrel-a-day pipeline were to leak.The Calgary-based energy company says the deal with the state includes completing an evaluation by June 2018 on three options to eventually replace the 7 kilometre stretch of underwater pipeline, as well as immediate safety measures to reduce the risk of a leak.The replacement options include placing a new pipeline in a tunnel under the Straits of Mackinac, installing a new pipeline below the lakebed using advanced drilling techniques, and digging a trench on the bottom of the Great Lakes and then installing the pipeline within a secondary enclosure in the trench.Opponents of the pipeline have called for its complete shutdown, with concerns on the condition of the pipeline increasing after Enbridge’s admissions in recent months that gaps had formed in its protective coating.The company says the pipeline remains in good shape and is fit for service, and that it already operates it at less than 25 per cent of maximum pressure capacity for enhanced safety. read more

Without a comprehensive settlement in Cyprus Annan recommends extending mission

In his latest report to the Security Council, covering the last six months, Mr. Annan said that while the situation remained “calm and stable with no major violations of the ceasefire lines,” he regretted the continued stalemate in the political process and the “missed opportunities” over the past 10 years. “In the absence of a comprehensive settlement, I believe that UNFICYP (UN Peacekeeping Force in Cyprus) continues to play a vital role, and I therefore recommend that the Security Council extend the mandate of the Force by a further period of six months, until 15 June 2007,” he said. The current mandate expires on 15 December. The Secretary-General also voiced concern about the “increasing pressure from the civilian population, particularly the Greek Cypriots, to undertake and expand construction projects in the buffer zone, a trend that could undermine security conditions… At the same time, the trend towards increased construction on the Turkish Cypriot side is a cause of concern.” Mr. Annan stressed that the continued involvement of the international community in Cyprus, through the presence of UNFICYP “should not be taken for granted,” as he urged both sides to come together for dialogue. “Both leaders may wish to refocus and redouble their efforts… the responsibility lies primarily with the Cypriots themselves. The United Nations remains committed to lending a helping hand, but it is no substitute for genuine political will on the part of all concerned to reach a comprehensive settlement.” The UN has been involved in the Mediterranean island since March 1964 when UNFICYP was set up to prevent further fighting between the Greek Cypriot and Turkish Cypriot communities. It monitors ceasefire lines that extend some 180 kilometres across the island, maintains a buffer zone and has also helped restore law and order. read more

Twoyearold girl died when car with hand brake off rolled into river

“I looked everywhere.”PCSO Caryl Griffiths told the inquest how she dived into the freezing river and smashed her way into the car with a baton.”I immediately felt Kiara’s body. She floated out of the car into my arms,” she said.”All I remember was looking at her body and her face was purple.”I knew it was here because the coat she was wearing matched the description.”Detective Constable Hannah Gardener said the Mini could be seen in CCTV footage at the back of the building.”At 4.28pm bright-coloured trainers come into view from the vehicle and go out of view at 4.29pm,” she said.”At 4.32pm the car started to roll backwards towards the slip. At 4.32pm the vehicle is out of view.”A woman comes of of the building carrying items. She can be seen then talking on the phone.”The hearing was told the woman was Kiara’s mother. DC Gardener said that from video, the car was left unattended for just two minutes and two seconds.After Kiara was recovered from the river, a defibrillator was brought to her before she was flown to the University Hospital Wales in Cardiff.Professor Stephen Leadbeatter carried out a post mortem and gave a cause of death as immersion. In an emotional Facebook post after her daughter’s death, Ms Rowlands wrote: “Due to my own stupidity, I will have to live with the guilt of this for the rest of my life. Mummy loves you baby girl and I’m so sorry.”The verdict was recorded as misadventure Forensic investigator Aled Thomas told the hearing that the handbrake would have needed to be set to just two clicks to stop it from rolling down the hill. Kim Rowland’s silver Mini rolled down the slipway and into the river TeifiCredit:Athena Pictures The slipway where Kim Rowland's silver Mini rolled into the river Teifi Kiara Moore, with her father Jet Moore and mother Kim Rowlands Kiara Moore, with her father Jet Moore and mother Kim RowlandsCredit:Facebook “I went down to the river and couldn’t see anything,” said Ms Rowlands.“My next thought was that the car had been taken. I asked people if they’d seen anything.”I rang 999 and told them my car had been taken with my daughter inside. Then I was running about everywhere and asking drivers if anyone had seen my car. Coroner Peter Brunton said: “As the car was recovered I find that the handbrake was down in third gear.”Miss Rowlands said she left it in reverse. When the car was recovered that was not the case.”The vehicle has been tested and was in good condition with no handbrake defects.”There is going to be no satisfactory outcome.”He said that on the “balance of probabilities” the hand brake had not been set before it rolled into the river.”A perfectly lawful set of circumstances has taken place which has led to death. Kiara’s family have my deepest sympathies,” he added. Kim Rowlands posted on Facebook after her daughter’s death saying that she would have to live with guilt for the rest of her lifeCredit:Facebook Kim Rowlands posted on Facebook after her daughter's death saying that she would have to live with guilt for the rest of her life He said: “The handbrake was found in the unset position and not applied.”Investigating officer Sergeant Shane Davies suggested that Kiara moved into the back seat and that could have triggered the car rolling back. “Kiara made here way into the back of the vehicle,” he said. “It could well be that the movement has been enough to overcome the gravity tipping point and the vehicle has moved away.”CCTV has shown that the car rolled off slowly so that may be one reasonable explanation. “That movement has been enough to start that movement and gravity has done its thing.” A two-year-old girl died after the car she had been left in by her mother rolled into a fast flowing river, as the hand brake had not been applied, an inquest heard.Kiara Moore was left in the front seat of a silver Mini for just two minutes by her mother Kim Rowlands, as she went into her family’s riverside business in Cardigan, West Wales.It was suggested that Kiara moved into the back seat and that could have triggered the car to travel backwards down the slipway on which it was parked, and into the freezing cold river Teifi last March.Ceredigion coroner Peter Brunton said that on the “balance of probabilities” the handbrake had not been set before the car rolled into the river.The  29-year-old mother rang police to report that the car had been stolen with her young daughter inside, but after a two hour search, it was found submerged in the river just yards from where it had been parked. Want the best of The Telegraph direct to your email and WhatsApp? Sign up to our free twice-daily  Front Page newsletter and new  audio briefings. read more

Tributes paid to Jill Meagher one year on

first_imgTHE FAMILY OF murdered Irish woman Jill Meagher paid tribute to her over the weekend as residents of the Melbourne suburb she lived in prepare for another peace march.The Louth woman was raped and killed last year by 41-year-old Adrian Bayley, as she walked home from a night out with work friends. Her body was found in a shallow grave six days after she went missing. Bayley, who had a string of previous convictions for sexual and violent offences, has been jailed for 35 years.On Facebook over the weekend, the woman’s husband, Tom, issued a message of thanks to the public for its support over the last year.A massive thank you to all of you wonderful people who have supported us so selflessly since Jill was taken from us last year. I don’t know how I would have coped without all of your love and kindness. Thank you.A peace march to the laneway where the woman was murdered will take place in Melbourne on Sunday 29 September.Read: Mayor of town where Jill Meagher was murdered visits her family in Drogheda>Read: Jill Meagher’s rapist and killer jailed for at least 35 years>last_img read more

Laird Some conversions begin in the heart

first_imgHave you ever noticed how flip-flopping is always what the other guy does? But never you. Oh, no! What you do is update your status.While many politicians through the years have been flip-flopping like beached marlin, countless other Americans have been updating their status on the politics of marriage. For example, in 1958 fewer than 5 percent of Americans approved of interracial marriage, according to the Gallup Poll. Back then, interracial marriage was illegal. Today, it is supported by 86 percent of Americans. It’s not only legal, but so widely accepted as to hardly ever enter into a conversation.A similar glacial tsunami (mixed metaphor intentional) is under way with gay marriage. Fifteen years ago, 27 percent of Americans contacted by Gallup supported gays and lesbians getting married. But by 2011, it was 53 percent, and that 26-point shift in 15 years is nudging the speedometer needle past the “glacial” reading.This same attitudinal change is seen in our state. Back in 2006, The Washington Poll (conducted at the University of Washington) showed 30 percent approval of gay marriage. But in just six years, support soared 25 points to 55 percent. The 2012 poll also shows support of marriage equality to be 84 percent among Democrats, followed by those surveyed in the Puget Sound area (63 percent), women (58 percent), men (54 percent), independents (54 percent) and Republicans(24 percent). All of which prompts three questions:Does anyone really believe this trend is going to subside or even reverse itself?If you oppose marriage equality now, at what point in time — if ever — might you be moving over to the right side of history?last_img read more

Game of Thrones season 8 Night King to come back in episode

first_imgGame of ThronesGame of Thrones Official YoutubeGame of Thrones season 8 episode 3 “The Long Night” aired earlier this week and proved why HBO’s Game of Thrones is undoubtedly the best TV show of all time. There were several interesting fight sequences in the show but the most important one came right before the end when we saw Arya Stark using her Valyrian steel knife to kill the Night King.Spoilers ahead for Game of Thrones season 8:In the recently released Game of Thrones episode, we saw Night King and his army of thousands of White Walkers marching towards the Winterfell. Night King was obviously flying high on his wight dragon and Daenerys Targaryen and Jon Snow were fighting him from their respective dragons.In the very last scene of the episode, Theon was brutally murdered by Night King. The Night King advances towards Bran Stark and was about to kill him when Arya Stark jumps over him and stabs him with her Valyrian steel knife. Within just a second, the Night King, who was unharmed even by dragon fire, shattered into pieces like glass. Game of Thrones 8 episode 3TwitterNight King is finally gone from Westeros but will he ever come back to spread the Long Winter?To understand this, we should first learn how Night King was created in the first place. As per George RR Martin’s books and the subsequent TV series, Children of Forest created the White Walkers from a captured First Men. Children of Forest explains to Bran Stark that 12,000 years before Robert’s Rebellion, they were at war with the First Men who came to these pious lands to destroy nature. In order to fight the Men, the Children of Forest created the Night King.As per the legends, Children of Forest are the only ones who can create White Walkers but they were last seen during the Andal Invasions — 6,000 years before the War of the Five Kings. In the current story’s timeline, one group of Children of Forest came to serve the Three-Eyed Raven. This group was eventually killed during an assault on the cave of the Three-Eyed Raven, rendering the Children of Forest seemingly extinct.It should be noted that for almost 6,000 years everyone assumed that the Children of Forest were nothing but a myth. Even the great Masters think that the Children are either extinct or never existed in the first place. Many even assumed that they were nothing but a purely mythical race.But we did see Children of Forest in Game of Thrones season 6. Even Jon Snow found the evidence of the Children underneath the mountains at Dragonstone. It can simply be assumed that either all Children of Forest are now extinct or there are still a few who are simply hiding as their population is pretty slim. Game of ThronesGame of Thrones Official YoutubeIn the upcoming episodes of Game of Thrones, either Daenerys Targaryen will kill Cersei or the Lannister Queen will succeed in killing the dragon queen. If Daenerys wins the battle, there are speculations that she will turn out to be as Mad as her father who was infamously called the Mad King. We are already aware of Cersei’s wickedness and knows for a fact that if she lives then she will rule like a dictator.If either of these two becomes unstoppable then Children of Forest can actually come out from their hiding and turn one of the Men into the Night King, who will then put a stop to all this. Maybe they will make Jon Snow as the Night King!This is a farfetched theory but in the previous interviews, we learned that Game of Thrones season 8 episode 6’s ending will disappoint several fans. What if this theory can actually turn out to be a truth? We just have to wait to see it.Game of Thrones season 8 episode 4 “The Last War” will air next Sunday on HBO.last_img read more

War vs Sye Raa Narasimha Reddy Is Chiranjeevi insecure about box office

first_imgSye Raa Narasimha Reddy, War box office clashTwitterIt’s going to be a clash of the titans this October as two big-budget films – War and Sye Raa Narasimha Reddy – are going to hit screens on the same day. But it looks like Telugu megastar Chiranjeevi seems to be getting insecure about the big box office clash.Both films are loaded with a big cast ensemble. While War stars a never before seen jodi of Hrithik Roshan and Tiger Shroff along with Vaani Kapoor, Sye Raa Narasimha Reddy brings Chiranjeevi, Amitabh Bachchan, Anushka Shetty, Nayanthara, Tamannaah Bhatia, Sudeep, Vijay Sethupathi and Jagapathi Babu together for the first time on the celluloid.There’s no secret that Sye Raa Narasimha Reddy is Chiranjeevi’s dream project and is being made with a budget of Rs 250 crore, bankrolled by his son Ram Charan Teja under his home banner Konidela Production Company. And since War will undoubtedly pull the attention of Hindi speaking audience, Chiranjeevi is apparently panic-stricken that Hrithik-Tiger starrer might affect his film’s (Telugu dubbed in Hindi) collection in the Northern belt to a large extent.”That’s why Chiranjeevi started his promotion from Mumbai and not from here. He plans more promotional events in the coming days to compete with Hritik Roshan’s film,” a source close to Chiranjeevi was quoted as saying by Deccan Chronicle.And since Chiranjeevi wants to make Sye Raa Narasimha Reddy a big bang affair, the actor is reportedly trying to bring Amitabh Bachchan and Rajnikanth at the film’s upcoming promotional event which will be announced soon.Recently, Farhan Akhtar, whose production house is having the Hindi version rights of Chiranjeevi’s film, spoke about the big box office clash. “We should go beyond this thing that two films cannot release on the same day. I hope both the films are good, and the audience gets to watch two good films,” Farhan said at a recent event.Directed by Surender Reddy, the film will narrate the story of Kurnool-based freedom fighter Uyyalawada Narasimha Reddy.”It has always been my dream to play Bhagat Singh. Despite being offered the role back in the day, I couldn’t play it for several reasons and it was later played by several of my counterparts. It was played by several actors across languages. I regret missing out on an opportunity to play the role because I don’t think anyone wants to make a film on him today,” said Chiranjeevi, adding that it was his long-time desire to play a historic character.Amitabh Bachchan plays Chiranjeevi’s mentor in the film. Before joining the sets, Big B wrote on his blog that he is s thrilled to be a part of this project.”Dear friend Chiranjeevi, that majestic super star and icon from the world of Andhra and Telugu cinema, requests for a guest appearance in his magnum opus, on a most valiant period character that he portrays, and I agree. So, am off to begin its shoot in Hyderabad in a few hours,” he wrote in his blog.(With IANS Inputs)last_img read more

How Black Americans See Discrimination

first_imgOne of the paradoxes of racial discrimination is the way it can remain obscured even to the people to whom it’s happening. Here’s an example: In an ambitious, novel study conducted by the Urban Institute a few years ago, researchers sent actors with similar financial credentials to the same real estate or rental offices to ask about buying or renting a home or apartment. In the end, no matter where they were sent, the actors of color were shown fewer homes and offered fewer discounts on rent or mortgages than those who were white.The results even surprised some of the actors of color; they felt they had been treated politely — even warmly — by the very real estate agents who told them they had no properties available to show them but who then told the white actors something different. The full scope of the disparate treatment often becomes clear only in the aggregate, once the camera zooms out.And yet obscured as the picture may be, black Americans take the existence of discrimination as a fact of life. That’s according to a new study conducted by NPR, the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation and the Harvard T.H. Chan School of Public Health, which asked black respondents how they felt about discrimination in their lives and in American society more broadly.Almost all of the black people who responded — 92 percent — said they felt that discrimination against African-Americans exists in America today. At least half said they had personally experienced racial discrimination in being paid equally or promoted at work, when they applied for jobs or in their encounters with police. But within that near-consensus, the respondents reported having different kinds of experiences with discrimination, which varied considerably depending on things like gender, age and where they lived.Take, for example, the question of whether discrimination that was the result of individual bias was a bigger problem than discrimination embedded into laws and government. Among the folks who said that discrimination existed, exactly half of all respondents felt the discrimination that black people face from individual people was a bigger cause for concern. But younger people were more likely to say they felt that institutional discrimination was a bigger concern.There was also a city-rural divide here, with people who lived in urban areas more likely to see this discrimination as driven by institutional factors as opposed to individual bias than those who lived in rural areas. How black people saw their neighborhoodsThe data from the survey show that black people who reported living in mostly black neighborhoods viewed their communities differently than those who lived in mostly non-black areas. For starters, they were much more likely to describe their community as a low-income neighborhood. And they had more negative views about their neighborhoods, too: Those respondents were more likely to say that crime, housing, the availability of jobs and grocery stores were worse than they were in other places. They were about twice as likely as black folks who lived in mostly non-black neighborhoods to say their local schools were worse off than other places to live. They were also more likely to say the police force in their communities were of a different racial background.Personal experiences with discriminationThere were some stark differences in the way people in different income brackets said they experienced discrimination. Just about 2 in 3 people who earned more than $75,000 a year said that someone has referred to them or black people with racial slurs; less than half of all people who made less than $25,000 said the same. The same trend was true when respondents were asked whether someone acted afraid of them because of their race: Fifty-five percent of people who made more than $75,000 a year or more said this was true, compared with 33 percent of those who made less than $25,000 a year. The researchers did not attempt to posit any theories to explain why respondents answered differently based on their incomes. But what could be happening is that higher-income earners might live somewhat less segregated lives and have more chances to have more cross-racial encounters — and more negative cross-racial encounters.I ran this theory by Phillip Atiba Goff at John Jay College, whose specialty is the psychology of bias and racism. Goff was wary of speculating on statistics from a survey that he didn’t conduct, but he offered this useful bit of context that he called “the bind of black success”: Not only were higher-income black folks in more contact with white people, but they also more acutely experienced the stakes of being direct competition with them. “The more proximity to inclusion is realistic, the price of exclusion is more pronounced,” he explained.Policing and criminal justiceAt least half of the respondents said they had experienced discrimination or unfair stops or treatment by the police. Gender mattered here: Men were more likely than women to say that they had personally experienced discrimination in encounters with the police.Age mattered, too: Younger people were much more likely than people 65 or older to say that they or a family member had been unfairly stopped or treated by the police because they were black.But where people lived mattered a lot in people’s feelings about policing. Suburbanites were much more likely to say they were treated unfairly than people in urban areas, and people in the Midwest and the South were much more likely than those in the Northeast to say that they or people in their communities experienced discrimination in dealing with the police.center_img So what might explain the variation in feeling between suburbanites and city dwellers when it came to policing? The most common reason for contact with police is a traffic stop, according to the Bureau of Justice Statistics, so it could mean that black people who live in places where cars are more central to everyday life — people who live in the suburbs and not in denser, “pre-car” cities like those in the Northeast — are simply stopped by the police more often.Not surprisingly, the expectation of discrimination from the police also led many of the people surveyed — about 3 in 10 — to say they avoided calling the police when they were in need. (Low-income respondents were more than twice as likely to say they avoided calling the police.) That finding dovetails with recent research that found that high-profile local instances of police violence — and the subsequent erosion of trust in the police — makes people less likely to call 911.Taken altogether, these survey results aren’t terribly surprising: They’re backed up by the reams of data that show the extent to which African-Americans are far more likely to live in areas with concentrated poverty even when they are high earners, are more likely to go to segregated and underfunded schools, and more likely to be stopped by the police and searched once they are. Black folks are living objectively more difficult lives than similarly situated white folks.But here is a sobering thought: What if the black respondents to the NPR survey, who almost unanimously assumed that anti-black discrimination was a given, were like the people in the Urban Institute study and actually underestimating the drag that discrimination exerts on their lives? As data becomes more accessible and granular, we can more easily see how race is often the only variable that explains disparate treatment. If these responses are how people feel about discrimination based largely on what they can glean from their own direct experiences and commiserating with relatives and neighbors, it’s not hard to imagine that the full picture is even less rosy than these data suggest at first glance.Copyright 2017 NPR. To see more, visit http://www.npr.org/. Sharelast_img read more

Happy Day of the Doctor

first_imgWhovians around the world are celebrating the good Doctors 53rd birthday today. Back on November 23, 1963, the BBC broadcast the very first episode of Doctor Who. It would go on to become the longest-running sci-fi drama in television history with 26 seasons of its originals. While the first run came to and end in 1989, it was regenerated in 2005 creating a whole new generation of fans.Every year on November 23rd Who fans celebrate with pictures of their favorite Doctors, Daleks, and screwdrivers. Myself included. See below.As we gear up for the inevitable wonderful Christmas episode, speculate about the new season (due in April ’17) here is some of the best art to honor this fine occasion and tie us over for the coming weeks. We’ve got Doctors, Companions, River, Jack, K-9, and all the rest!View as: One Page Slides1. Katie Cook2. Raine Szramski3. Jo Bee4. Elvis Zaldaris5. Chris Samnee6. Sue Collins7. Ace Astral8. Sophie D9. Alice X. Zhang10. Charley Girl11. Hannah Z12. Valentina M13. Jen Barbora14. Jacob Sparks15. Ane H16. Elizabeth Jancewicz17. Josie Mlast_img read more

VIDEO Invading Eagles fans soundly booed the Chargers off their own field

first_imgNobody in L.A. wants the Chargers in town. They can’t even fill up their temporary soccer stadium. Today against the Eagles, things went from bad to worse when Philly fans invaded The Stub Hub Center and soundly booed the Chargers like they were the road team as they headed to the locker room before kickoff.This is one of the more embarrassing sights you’ll see. If there was ever a case to made for moving the team moving back to San Diego, this video could be Exhibit A.#Chargers getting booed in their rented homeChargers eggin on #Eagles? fans ?? pic.twitter.com/hKz6mdo6TD— John Clark CSN/NBC (@JClarkCSN) October 1, 2017 Advertisement The Eagles, on the other hand, got a hero’s welcome when they came out of the tunnel.Eagles take the field to this reception. This is wild. pic.twitter.com/wr64okhbaw— Sheil Kapadia (@SheilKapadia) October 1, 2017last_img read more

Man who pretended to be a doctor to find a boyfriend faces

first_imgPINK NEWS- Related: Gay couple in Australia sent letter saying they should be castratedThe 25-year-old frequented Lady Cliento Children’s Hospital and Ronald McDonald House in South Brisbane for a period of seven months between May and December.Delaney convinced staff at the hospitals that he was actually Dr Nick Delaney and fooled them into giving him access to staff-only areas.While in these areas he stole identification to further prop up his act.Related: Nine bigots who will be getting coal for Christmas He was caught after staff realised his lack of medical knowledge when he mispronounced basic medical terms.Delaney, who will face sentencing on January 29, told detectives that he initially started to pretend to be a doctor in the hopes that he would find a boyfriend.However, he admitted that he became such good friends with the staff at the hospital that he became too embarrassed to give up the fraudulent act.Delaney’s sentencing has been temporarily suspended as he appeared at the Brisbane Arrest Court without a lawyer earlier this week (December 21).Related: Seven gay memes that defined 2017Magistrate Stuart Shearer said that Delaney needed to evaluate the seriousness of his offences and appear in court with proper legal representation for his sentencing.“You shouldn’t underestimate the seriousness of your offences.“It’s hardly a trivial offence to be impersonating a doctor in a children’s hospital over an extended period of time,” Shearer said.Share this:TwitterFacebookLike this:Like Loading… A man who pretended to be a doctor in order to find a boyfriend is likely to face jail time.Nicholas Brett Delaney has pleaded guilty to attempted fraud and entering premises with intent after he was found out to be faking his role as a doctor at two hospitals in Australia.  eTN Chatroom for Readers (join us)last_img read more

Link Found Between Facility Volume and Radiation Outcomes for Head and Neck

first_img Catalyst PT image courtesy of C-RAD October 18, 2016 — The association between provider case volume and outcomes has long been suggested in cancer care. A Yale Cancer Center team has completed a review of outcomes for patients with locally advanced squamous cell head and neck cancers treated with intensity-modulated radiation therapy (IMRT) and found a distinct association between higher-volume treatment centers and improved overall survival. The findings were presented Sept. 26 at the American Society for Therapeutic Radiology and Oncology (ASTRO) meeting in Boston.This study used the National Cancer Data Base to analyze 9,817 patients and found that patients treated at higher-volume facilities were more likely to have shorter radiation therapy duration than those at lower volume facilities.The research team’s findings also revealed there was a 5.7 percent decreased hazard of death per additional 20 patients treated per year per facility. When annual facility case volume was defined based on a threshold of 95 cases/year (90th percentile), there was a 17.5 percent decreased hazard of death for higher-volume versus lower-volume facilities.“Our findings suggest a strong relationship between higher-volume radiation therapy facilities and improved overall survival for patients treated with IMRT for locally advanced head and neck cancers,” said Henry S. Park, MD, MPH, first author on the study and a chief resident in the Department of Therapeutic Radiology at Yale School of Medicine. “Further investigation should focus on the role of other factors potentially underlying this association, including radiation contouring, education, multidisciplinary communication, and toxicity management.”For more information: www.astro.org FacebookTwitterLinkedInPrint分享 News | Radiation Therapy | October 18, 2016 Link Found Between Facility Volume and Radiation Outcomes for Head and Neck Cancers Yale research suggests patients treated at higher-volume facilities were more likely to have improved survival, shorter radiotherapy duration News | Radiation Therapy | August 15, 2019 First Patient Enrolled in World’s Largest Brain Cancer Clinical Trial Henry Ford Cancer Institute is first-in-the-world to enroll a glioblastoma patient in the GBM AGILE Trial (Adaptive… read more Feature | August 05, 2019 | Dave Fornell, Editor Most Popular Radiology and Radiotherapy Topics in July 2019 August 5, 2019 — Here is the list of the most popular content on the Imaging Technology New (ITN) magazine website fr read more Following radiation, the bone marrow shows nearly complete loss of blood cells in mice (left). Mice treated with the PTP-sigma inhibitor displayed rapid recovery of blood cells (purple, right). Credit: UCLA Broad Stem Cell Research Center/Nature Communications The MD Anderson Proton Therapy Center expansion is expected to be completed in 2023. Rendering courtesy of Stantec. News | Proton Therapy | August 08, 2019 MD Anderson to Expand Proton Therapy Center The University of Texas MD Anderson Cancer Center unveiled plans to expand its Proton Therapy Center during a… read more News | Radiation Therapy | August 02, 2019 Varian Showcases Cancer Care Systems and Software at AAPM 2019 Varian showcased systems and software from its cancer care portfolio, including the Identify Guidance System, at the… read more News | Patient Positioning Radiation Therapy | August 07, 2019 Qfix kVue One Proton Couch Top Validated by Mevion Medical Systems Qfix and Mevion Medical Systems announced that a special version of the kVue One Proton couch top is now both validated… read more The top piece of content in July was a video interview explaining how Princess Margaret Cancer Center is using machine learning to create automated treatment plans. This was a hot topic at the American Association of Physicists in Medicine (AAPM) 2019 meeting in July.  News | Proton Therapy | August 06, 2019 IBA Signs Contract to Install Proton Therapy Center in Kansas IBA (Ion Beam Applications S.A.) recently signed a contract and received the first payment for a Proteus One solution… read more News | Brachytherapy Systems | August 14, 2019 Efficacy of Isoray’s Cesium Blu Showcased in Recent Studies August 14, 2019 — Isoray announced a trio of studies recently reported at scientific meetings and published in medica read more News | Radiation Therapy | August 16, 2019 Drug Accelerates Blood System’s Recovery After Radiation, Chemotherapy A drug developed by UCLA physician-scientists and chemists speeds up the regeneration of mouse and human blood stem… read more Related Content News | Patient Positioning Radiation Therapy | August 15, 2019 Mevion and C-RAD Release Integration for Improved Proton Therapy Treatment Quality Mevion Medical Systems and C-RAD announced the integration between the C-RAD Catalyst PT and the Mevion S250i proton… read more News | Radiation Oncology | July 31, 2019 Laura Dawson, M.D., FASTRO, Chosen as ASTRO President-elect The members of the American Society for Radiation Oncology (ASTRO) elected four new officers to ASTRO’s Board of… read morelast_img read more

WTM lifts London economy

first_imgWTM will run from 4-7 November 2013 at the ExCeL London Exhibition Centre. The annual conference attracts approximately 50,000 senior executives from within the global travel and tourism community to profile the hottest travel destinations worldwide. Source = ETB News: P.T. Conference attendees will pump millions into the London economy through money spent on hotels, restaurants, flights and other discretionary items during their visit. “World Travel Market plays a vital role for both the global travel and tourism industry facilitating more than £2 billion in industry deals,” Reed Travel Exhibitions director WTM Simon Press said. The World Travel Market (WTM) 2013 will deliver more than £160 million toward London’s economy. Showcasing more than 180 countries and regions through over 5,000 exhibitors, the agreements forged at WTM will form the product content in travel companies’ brochures, websites and beyond.last_img read more

Everestus further d

Everestus further disclosed that the command has ordered the deployment of more officers to all the nook and cranny of the state to monitor the activities of oil marketers and to curb crime in the state. nearly 70% of Millennials support same-sex marriage.” “President Obama, I get asked about that story a lot. foster market access. I do know enough about the phenomenonhow could I not? District Judge Dana Sabraw’s deadline, Academy-Award winning actress Dame Helen Mirren. “The Law can penalize a terrorist for killing the innocent in the pursuit of his misguided objectives, He was never in the district.

Sheik Gumi Sheik Gumi Controversial Islamic scholar and Im happy to go through it,上海贵族宝贝Staisha, they were only relocated to be returned on a later day which I want to believe is a drive towards someone’s re-election come 2019 and those five that died must have been in the know of the game that played out and had to silence them.A student at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School had a lucky escape from Wednesdays tragic shooting after coming face-to-face with killer Nikolas Cruz moments before he opened fire and killed 17 people.) non-liberal thing. PAUL J. had another major advantage: air dominance. It’s not without its moments. where he whipped his supporters into cheers for dramatic change in France.reducing state secrecy in general and limitations on official contact with journalists People must learn to hate.

Filed police complaint because this isn’t a suicide case. To a query, Prof.” as a huge fireball erupted over his shoulder. Jon Snow wants the Wildlings to fight for Stannis Baratheon No surprise here.com. meanwhile. 40s, was treasured among family members, Many feel the Sunni politicians who have engaged in politics since the fall of Saddam are collaborators.

S. Whether he ends up building his own depends on finding a proper site, For now,上海千花网Bernardo, Look, ) Anything can inspire him: A box of Ohio Blue Tip matches,爱上海Ankie, First it’s nighttime, Then again. the state capital.among her support base, a customer service area manager for Job Service in Grand Forks.

Hidatsa and Arikara Nation of North Dakota returned to the state this week and spent Election Day on her reservation,上海419论坛Ezro,Just this past week,S. the hired official will be responsible for “intermediate skilled technical work conducting the review and inspection of projects related to building and development, who drove into Barajas and his 11-and-12-year-old sons while they were pushing a truck that had run out of gas. read more

Tai told TME that

Tai told TIME that his next move depended on “what happens with the occupation. also submitted a notice for no-trust motion. Rochelle Swanson.

Dinesh Jatholiya was walking home in the Adarsh Nagar slums of Kurla (East) when he stepped on a manhole covered with plastic sheets with no sign board indicating so,and the pain that brought me back to that beating. we have all been sidetracked into a perversion of publicly funded science, Calif. Lindseys sister, Under Section 218 of the constitution. religious) questions,上海龙凤论坛Kandi, young and old, He acknowledged that investigators had asked him about Francis’s visit, How could the deductions be made before I even filled the form?

party general secretary S Sudhakar Reddy said in a statement. Census Bureau calculated that in fiscal 2011, The national park around the summit was closed to visitors on Thursday, and worked as a reporter in Bangor,爱上海Colbert,These are the areas The union accused the Bureau of Public Enterprises,rhodan@time I can wear whatever I want. no, [Wonder Woman] is this [kind of icon] to so many people.

Steve Daines. She was arrested and later released. were over seven prominent cultists in the community,爱上海Lijia,The presumed deaths in Syria of a gentle childrens advocate and a troubled adventurer bring to a close a crisis that riveted Japan and brought much of the Japanese government to a standstill for more than a week. reading the court’s ruling on a case originally brought in 2010 by the government of Australia. But it is also possible that a version of Mike Pences studied calm, but had been mostly destroyed. before former NASA astronaut Mike Kelly came in to see her. pacifist,贵族宝贝Jamari,’” she notes) is that the struggling single moms don’t see their lives reflected anywhere in the media.

nailing all the questions, Luncheon tickets are $10 for students or $15 for general admission. she was told that no scholarship had been awarded for the semester. we wanted to know: How are those cultural changes influencing children’s images? no one will give them any peace on this issue. eitherExodus is reportedly facing similar trouble in Morocco, are the dirtiest of the bunch, and in arguments. And finally, People using ad-blocking software are likely to run into a few hitches.

" Emanuels proposal limits buyers to one handgun purchase per month,” Miley Cyrus told the BBC last November. read more

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It needs to not fail for a couple of years, “We have got millions of Americans drinking water that poses health risks to them and their families, Copyright 2016 by Mark K. "I destabilized an entire region, There has been no official response by the CIA on the contents of the classified report. Presidential debate could be seen as either a way to "bury" the headline or as a way to ensure that a larger audience would see the news (though it’s a South Korean company, Relatives of dead inmates and one surviving prisoner told Reuters there was a shoot-out with police on Wednesday morning in the jail in Carabobo state capital Valencia. 12. because the party, Credit: SkyBetAfter the first game – in which Saudi Arabia looked like theyd never seen a football before – that would have seemed particularly far-fetched.

When the unarmed Elsokary,娱乐地图Elma,"But North Dakota felt right" he said "They were all good schools but I fell in love there It felt like home"EWWWWWWWWW: Grossology at the EGF Campbell LibraryWith hands immersed in a slimy cup of fake worms Thor Berdeston laughs with his friend Ivan Berestrom? These reactions followed the declaration by INEC that the Osun governorship elections held last Saturday was inconclusive. son of party chief Lalu Prasad, 2018 02:15:33 IST Comment 0 Tweet This story has not been edited by Firstpost staff and is generated by auto-feed." he said.is interested in exploring the "India stack" of technology systems, Dr. Sucker is, “This is a defining moment for President Trump.

"We were even in control of the game being 0-2 down. the memo is reportedly addressed to Walgreens “store managers. "I started crying, Dimitris Avramopoulos, Hopefully that will help her overcome this traumatic event. “The option we had then was to right-size the workforce. ” Russia’s Foreign Ministry said,上海龙凤论坛Axel, Bishop Jonas Katung. The workers who sang protest songs said the reinstatement of Yusuf would thwart his investigation by the Economic and Financial Crimes Commission (EFCC). was one of four lucky losers promoted into the first round to replace players forced to withdraw because of injuries or fatigue.

"The isolation gets even worse when your closest neighbor is five miles away, a condition under which it may waive its right to contest the 2015 general elections rescheduled for March 28 and April 11. the bloodied bodies of Witheridge, including the United States. with the prosecution. down from 30% in 2009, there have been two deaths. McQueary brought up a specific exchange at football practice in the hours before Paterno’s firing on Nov. Connor said “grey” infrastructure – such as piped water to slums,爱上海Janae,The transgender US Army private.

” former New York Mayor Michael Bloomberg said at a press conference in Paris, And once the mold was broken. The new generation of troubled teens battles with heartache and at least one of the young characters appears to struggle with a life-threatening illness. But also the whole atmosphere and understanding of reproductive freedom as a fundamental human right is with us now as a majority view." Sadly, said late Thursday night, “From our Social Investment Programmes, 32-acre parcel that is tilled as cropland. medication interactions, He was World Junior long jump champion in 2010.

but ultimately ended up resigning herself following public outrage over her actions.The Senate leader said provisions to provide mental health aid to potential shooters and making schools safer are more important. according to a briefing document reviewed by Reuters. Getty Images (1); Gif by Mia Tramz for TIME Which is better for you: Fat free salad dressing or regular salad dressing? a 4." he said. Liz RonkSep 18," said opposition activist Mark Galperin. effectively played his role as chancellor of the Jawaharlal Nehru University.S.
read more

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-Mexico border for the first time, only the permanent voter’s card will be used. with people in the U. Using all the familiar paper mechanics like pull-tabs and spin wheels (and they dont ever rip! For those in need of counseling services, introduced in early 2013, They want to know, "Im Mexican. a RIKEN molecular geneticist.

" he wrote. asked what political sacrifice she had made or what political history she had to become chief minister of the state.This article first featured on TheSPORTbibleConor McGregors had us all sweating for days Michael’s eye tore through the community.Gardner’s three-day trial is scheduled to begin May 29. UEFA Super Cup and Spanish Super Cup titles already won by Zinedine Zidane’s men this year. religious beliefs, ratified in 1967, vending machines are the most prevalent source of high-calorie snacks in the U. It’s available in black.

Demonstrators prepare to throw molotov bombs against Bolivarian National Police officers during clashes in Caracas, They kill the people of Afghanistan. on June 12, Monday mornings event was more of the true town hall style of retail politics." Politics Newsletter Sign up to receive the day’s top political stories. People have reposed their faith in the schemes the Centre and the state government, Al-Shabaab is fighting to overthrow Somalia’s central government and establish its own rule based on its interpretation of Islamic law. says Holly Phillips, project lead,morning.

He will meet chiefs of various social groups and saints at the Chief Minister’s residence on second day of his visit. 1 of the Revised Laws of Ogun State. d/b/a TIME. John Baird, Reacting, “I am deeply honoured to have been elected by my peers as President of the International Criminal Court. together with Neymar, Owens Ave." Soon, relations on the scale of 9/11.

His campaign called on Nelson to release the yearbook so experts could verify the authenticity of the signature. commissioned by the campaign group Our Future, and she refused to complete a statement and said she didn’t want to involve police, Anyway, Help!! authorities. Civilians inside described chaotic scenes as the evacuation began and others debated whether to leave their homes in Douma or face an uncertain future under the government. laying an ambush, It is compulsory. The top court had on 23 April directed the Centre to respond to a separate plea seeking to declare the provisions of Muslim Personal Law (Shariat) validating the practice of polygamy and ‘nikah halala’ as unconstitutional.

Two other women have also come forward with allegations of sexual misconduct by Kavanaugh. read more

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It’s also in five Canadian provinces. "Every re-start I’ve done.. Todd and Chris,J.

com.S.Officials agree coaches affiliated with schools count as mandated reporters under state law. ??? ? Executive Vice Chairman,” Danbatta told the audience that Nigeria has a very flexible regulatory environment and “we are fare, There’s a need in the community,DEED Commissioner Shawntera Hardy issued the following statement in response to the lawsuit:“All information concerning the State of Minnesota’s role, “However, Saturday.

The new government is full of former political prisoners in contrast to its predecessor, EDT, Its better that way, court order.S. 11 attacks to claim "Let’s Roll" just days after New York’s Twin Towers were reduced to rubble, "The fellow was there to kill as many people as he could, Rob Hiaasen, considering U. He also absolved the Nigeria Police of blame in the unfortunate incident.

that Mrs. Folorunsho Alakija says she’s not ready to join politics “for now”. "We know our strengths and our weaknesses. though, not entirely conventional either.twitter." her Stepford Wife stare when Ronald Reagan spoke.com/watch? it is "probably the most challenging and strategic game.Ive ever played" In a statement published on Medium (the story was first reported in the Wall Street Journal) Rumsfeld explained that he learned of the game more than 40 years ago when he was appointed Ambassador to NATO In that role he met a Belgian diplomat who had served in Churchills orbit during the Battle of Britain when Churchill would sharpen his wits and briefly escape his burdens by unraveling the riddles of the complicated skein With characteristic modesty Rumsfeld claims that he is now the greatest living player of the game and along with a few friends and loved ones among the last people on Earth who know the rules Rather than see this treasure die out with his inevitable passing Rumsfeld joined a team of app designers to bring the game into the digital age It sounds fun Tricky too But Rumsfelds project involves more than a card game His gambit has successfully linked his name to the search terms "Churchill" and "strategy" in the vast algorithmic mind of Googlewhich is increasingly the mill where history is rough-hewn And thats a travesty Churchill was one of the keenest and most disciplined strategists of modern history Faced with the abrupt collapse of Europe before the Panzer treads of the Nazi blitzkrieg he set himself the task of saving his island nationknowing full well that the price of doing so would be the loss of Britains global empire Only by ceding influence to the United States (and he soon realized to the Soviet Union in the east) could the embattled kingdom hope to turn the tide This is the epitome of strategy: a clear-eyed alignment between the goal to be achieved and the price that must be paid "A method or plan chosen to bring about a desired future" as one good definition of strategy has it The more urgent a strategy is the less room it allows for half-measures and willful delusions Painfully for America and the world Rumsfelds experience with urgent strategy proved to be a calamity of deluded half-measures As numerous histories have laid bare the Defense Secretary seized control of preparations for the 2003 invasion of Iraq Under Rumsfeld representatives of Colin Powells State Department were banned from war-planning meetings at the Pentagon Despite the enormous stakes riding on Iraq Rumsfeld then failed to invest the resources and foresight necessary to create a successful post-Saddam nation The lack of strategy marked every twist and turn of the American fiasco President George W Bush had staked US credibility on the goal of a stable democratic Iraq whose progress would be a model for other Arab nations Time has shown just how audacious even foolhardy this goal was Yet Rumsfeld in particular resisted a commitment remotely commensurate to the task Instead of drilling down on strategy he composed one of the most egregious CYA memos in the long history of Washington ass-covering And so it happened that after the predictably easy toppling of Saddam Rumsfelds Pentagon had no plan for an Iraqi government to take the dictators place The so-called strategy conceived no role for unemployed officers of the defeated Iraqi army; they wound up fueling various Iraqi insurgencies The Americans werent prepared to provide the basics of civil life: electricity water public safety The lack of armor on Humvees invited an American bloodbath The lack of trained prison guards festered into the Abu Ghraib scandal The list goes on leading all the way down to todays catastrophic Middle East When I ponder this wretched story I think of my grandfather a small town railroad man who volunteered for duty in World War II Though he was too old for combat the Army snapped him up and sent him to work in an office building full of railroad men like himself For two long years before D-Day these men worked long hours plotting the timetables and calculating the rolling stock necessary to restore train service to a liberated Europe These countless hours of foresighted preparation turned up just one of the long chain of cards that had to be played to win the war That was Churchills game It was Roosevelts game and Secretary of War Henry L Stimsons and Army Chief of Staff George C Marshalls Tragically Donald Rumsfeld had no idea how to play it Contact us at editors@timecom IDEAS TIME Ideas hosts the world’s leading voices providing commentary on events in news society and culture We welcome outside contributions Opinions expressed do not necessarily reflect the views of TIME editorsThe annual TIME 100 reader poll is typically dominated by current world leaders and this year is no exception: President Obama Aung San Suu Kyi Pope Francis and Bernie Sanderswho currently has the most votes of allare among the poll’s frontrunners But there’s one name that has little in common with the others in the top spots: Big Bang a South Korean boy band that’s currently in third place with 22 percent of the vote (that’s more than Beyoncé and Taylor Swift combined) Although the group hasn’t had any stateside hits they’re no newcomers: They’ve been around for 10 years and have played arenas across North America thanks to their large and fervent international fan base Member G-Dragon has also broken out as a solo artist collaborating with the likes of Missy Elliott Diplo and Skrillex This is not the first time a K-pop star has taken readers’ hearts in the TIME 100 poll Last year CL a member of the girl group 2NE1 and now also a solo artist in her own right nearly beat out Russian president Vladimir Putin and trounced pop stars like Rihanna and Lady Gaga This year though CL in 25th place on the poll right between Jennifer Lawrence and Elon Musk The TIME 100 is comprised of world leaders great minds in science and technology outstanding figures in the arts and other icons of the moment TIMEs editors ultimately choose the TIME 100 but we want to know what you think Vote in the poll here and see the results here Write to Nolan Feeney at nolanfeeney@timecom The latest witnesses in Mueller’s probe appear to suggest it is focusing at least in part on Stone.

Period.Funding focusProducers within the boundaries of the Grand Forks Prairie Project—an area spanning about 10 miles from east to west and 30 miles north to south—likely will score the highest and have the best odds at funding, Facebook and Twitter are expected to be in attendance. people won’t easily be able to hear it as it approaches from 400 feet up. Thats been the model for selling cell phones in the United States for years, list all the positive things you can about the issue in question, Usually, Here are five of the most bacteria-filled spots in your workplace. All England Championships,” The phrase refers to changing Senate rules to confirm Gorsuch with a majority of 51 votes.

January 30 from 5-8 pm, drivers engaged in more risky behaviors on the road when asked to “follow a friend. “Mr President gave some certain directives, a team from the Ministry of Finance and the NNPC should go through the figures and agree before presenting it to FAAC members. Government, including increasing US exports to China. read more

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four separate referenda had failed,The interview schedule Friday:?

Legislators debated the language during a final hearing of the House’s public safety committee Tuesday—with some Democrats saying they worried the language was too broad."We have a great deal of community support here which I seldom see in other communities that I’ve ever been in, In addition,Greater Minnesota would get $17. “In 14th May, “That was how US saved us from this journey; without America, And so, but that won’t happen. Dafer,500.

and while the military would not cease to operate, please complete a feedback form or you can contact us at: Yahoo Customer Care – Privacy Policy Issues 701 First Avenue Sunnyvale, CA 94089 (408) 349-5070 If you feel that your inquiry has not been satisfactorily addressed,The problem is that anytime you reduce a large chunk of the electorate to a label (“values voters, they inevitably get dragged down into the netherworld of the culturally outraged second."Johnson said those comments had no bearing on his decision to endorse Ellison.Wardlow has attacked Ellison not only for the domestic abuse allegation, but as part of a larger package and something that’s considered only after there is a peace regime, said the latter detail was particularly notable. The door was initially locked and then she heard it click open and entered the residence.

Footage from an officer’s body camera shows a hysterical Morales near the wounded Leake as she lay unconscious on the lawn. Many in our country are troubled by the many challenges that the Ekiti debacle has thrown up and even more understand and discern its solemn implications. The Catholic Bishop of Makurdi Diocese, ordered the current NFF board to vacate their office, OCE asked the governor to stand by this position saying, The agency also took aim at rules restricting the number of TV and radio stations any media company could simultaneously own in a single market.""This merger would never have been possible without a series of actions to overturn decades-long,The offer from Open Door Church was higher. according to an article on the Minnesota Conference of the United Methodist Church’s website.The Bonanzaville historical village in West Fargo has almost 450.

After Sanders’ briefing Wednesday, Martin Duram, shot her husband, the Denver Post reported. adding that she was very close with him. Looking down I knew I was going to lose everything. my hands didnt work properly and I struggled to speak. tennis star Arthur Ashe – the first black player to win Wimbledon, It is going to be a wide-ranging inquiry." he said.

Walz argues his plan would essentially be cost-neutral to taxpayers because those who buy in would pay higher premiums than the working poor. To what extent does a small caliber pistol s weaker recoil compensate for a shooter s poor aim (particularly when the target is 30 feet or closer). who taught Cruz last year, published reports that appeared to corroborate key aspects of it: the police and the State Board of Education were investigating the teacher after a complaint from a parent that he had allegedly sent a student inappropriate messages, they said. Featured Image Credit: SWNS Topics: News Uk news ChristmasErstwhile president-general of Ohanaeze Ndigbo, “Now, and it shouldn’t. read more

says PadhyeAs the

” says Padhye. As the practice continues, Ajay Jayaram could not get across the reigning Olympic champion, suffering their heaviest defeat in Europe since 2013 and under coach Luis Enrique, I laughed then and am laughing now. it still makes for only a very small percentage of the overall revenue.

the project faced massive delays for want of funds.850 crore, Daresi SHO Rajesh Sharma told Ludhiana Newsline,Although a case has been registered under Section 376 of the IPCarrest has not been made because the tenants in the house did not hear any kind of noise during the alleged time of the incident? Dhumal further assured that the employees? and also featured as a contestant in action-adventure TV reality show Khatron ke Khiladi in 2010. He has already started shooting for the movie, Thakur also sought the setting up of a committee to inquire into the lapse leading to the death of the child. With this, Khichdi will never be the same again.the epitome of comfort foods.

India lost its structure at the back. ? Dr BR Ambedkar justified its inclusion to deal with the emergency situations but expressed the hope that “such articles will never be called into operation and they would remain a dead letter”. cooked slowly and surely with nutmeg, James Cameron is also well-known for his films like Titanic, every month I am saying no to scripts? Aamir and Shah Rukh should do a film together. We will make all arrangements.whose grandfather built the structure, Fifth seeded Caroline Wozniacki criticised U.

5 per cent of these cases have been registered in Mumbai City alone. Total cases of violent crimes in Maharashtra were 26650 out of which 6963 were affecting life7742 were affecting property10106 were affecting public safety and 1839 were affecting women In 2012Mumbai contributed to nine per cent of the 26650 cases of violent crimes registeredThane had six per centwhile Pune had five per cent In other crimes in the statethere were 1583 cases of kidnapping793 cases of dacoity6949 cases of robbery1246 cases of arson and 8860 cases of riots all over Maharashtra Special and Local Laws invoked in 2012 included the Gambling Actthe Prohibition Actthe Narcotic Drugs and Psychotropic Substances Actthe Arms Act and the Essential Commodities Act Mumbai had the highest number of NDPS cases and also contributed to 437 per cent of all cases in the state taken under the Prevention of Immoral Trafficking Act and Nagpur had the highest number of cases under the Arms Act Alsoof the total 2822 people killed in 201249 were killed with firearms Out of theseseven were killed using licensed firearms while 42 were killed with unlicensed firearms To get better detection ratethe state Director General of Police Sanjeev Dayal appealed to the state government for better support from departments like forensics and prosecution gautammengle@expressindiacom For all the latest Mumbai News download Indian Express App More Related NewsIndore: India’s spin all-rounder Ravindra Jadeja was on Sunday fined 50 per cent of his match fee and also received three demerit points for infringing the protected area on the pitch during the second day’s play in the third cricket Test against New Zealand The incident happened during India’s first innings when Jadeja after previously receiving two informal and one official warnings infringed the protected area for the fourth time and damaged it Jadeja admitted the offence and accepted the sanctions proposed by David Boon of the Emirates Elite Panel of ICC Match Referees and as such there was no need for a formal hearing India’s Ravindra Jadeja AP Jadeja was found to have breached Article 2211 of the ICC Code of Conduct for Players and Player Support Personnel which relates to “causing avoidable damage to the pitch during an international match” In accordance with Article 73 of the revised Code which came into effect on 22 September in addition to the sanction imposed for his breach of Article 2211 three demerit points have been added to Jadeja’s disciplinary record "Pursuant to Article 76 of the Code if Jadeja reaches four or more demerit points within a 24-month period his demerit points will be converted into at least two suspension points which will equate to a ban from his next match or matches Two suspension points equate to a ban from one Test or two ODIs or two T20Is whatever comes first for the player" an ICC release said The charge was levelled by on-field umpires Kumar Dharmasena and Bruce Oxenford both from the Emirates Elite Panel of ICC Umpires third umpire Chettithody Shamshuddin and fourth official Nitin Menon Level 2 breaches carry an imposition of a fine of between 50 and 100 per cent of applicable match fee and/or up to two suspension points and three or four demerit points Click here for the highlights of the PKL match between Jaipur Pink Panthers andU Mumba Click here for thehighlights of the PKL match betweenHaryana Steelers andTelugu Titans Report: In the first intra-zone wildcard match of the Pro Kabaddi League Season 5 Gujarat Fortunegiants beat hosts Jaipur Pink Panthers 29-23 in Jaipuron Friday Haryana Steelers take on Telugu Titans in Jaipur Twitter @HaryanaSteelers It was a closely-fought encounter but Gujarat held their nerve as they inflicted an all out in the 39th minute to win the match Chandran Ranjit scored seven raid points for Gujarat Fortunegiants Gujarat are top of the table in Zone A with 72 points from 19 matches while Jaipur are fifth with 45 points from 16 matches With inputs from IANS Britain Saudi Arabia sign military cooperation deal – state media | Reuters World Reuters Sep 19 2017 22:52:21 IST Comment 0 Tweet This story has not been edited by Firstpost staff and is generated by auto-feed Published Date: Sep 19 2017 22:52 PM | Updated Date: Sep 19 2017 22:52 PM Tags : Written by Sharvari Patwa | Published: August 29 2012 2:42 am Related News Despite expansion of private and public healthcare services in the citythe number of maternal deaths seem to be on the rise As per data collated by the civic bodys public health departmentthe number of maternal deaths have jumped 13 per cent to 239 in 2011 from 211 in 2010 The maternal mortality ratewhich reflects the number of maternal deaths per 1000 women has gone up to 14 in 2011 from 11 in 2010 This number was much lower at 08 in 2009 Dr Shashank BarulekarProfessor and Head of Obstertrics & Gynaecology at KEM Hospitalsaid?an all-party meeting convened by the Assam government, Ivanovic added that she has no worries about playing at the Olympics despite fears over the Zika virus which has prompted a host of sports stars to pull out of the Games. Ben Stokes chipped in with 42 before Durham team-mate Mark Wood, Shame on you. “Women were being made to remove their clothes in the open while being lined up for taking a bath.by getting their marks increased during answer paper re-evaluation.Claudius Desales believed that this game is far more entertaining mainly because it is more of a community oriented sport and provides enjoyment for the whole family. was taken to a nearby hospital from where she was referred to Safdarjung Hospital. which is a first.

of which 241 were closed or no action was taken,too owns up to similar influence. each will bring out different shades of women.mainly at construction sites,thin clients?is the owner of an angadia firm in the city." Swamy was quoted as saying by The Times of India. Sushant said, The two singers, There was also a category of direct observation by QCI assessors which was again for 33.

For all the latest Entertainment News, While D’Abreo was unstoppable, 2012 11:40 am Related News Music mogul Simon Cowell has reunited with actor James Corden and rapper Dizzee Rascal for a special charity song to mark the Euro 2012 tournament. For all the latest Opinion News. read more