Flow war How do the marketing operation in Jingdong

flow of war, no smoke!

in recent days in Beijing sunny, people also feel good again, 2016 full to 2017 has been lopsided, with 12 months of sincerity Pumianerlai, happy Spring Festival will bloom, fireworks, live in the wonderful still very bright, here, I advance to friends and thanks to the early!, I hope this article can make you feel content, will be


in the future, you will be grateful for the efforts of their own

in 2015, thanks to the good boss Jingdong senior director Zhang, and the direct leadership of Huang, there are 11 categories to the Jingdong is responsible for the 3C department, by the end of the year, this should not write up. As I write, one not careful, I wrote a long "I do what operations in the Jingdong, product operation and management" business thinking, but also in the first article of the Jingdong, a lot of content, very long, the core category responsible for operation / category sales operations in Jingdong feel. read more

How do get ten thousand of my traffic within 2 months

officially from June 1, 2006 as a holiday tour of the network management, was a confused! 95 years of exposure to the Internet, it is deeply fascinated by the network. From the beginning of the NetEase mail to QQ and then to the network game, but the most let me really is the site of the operation.

graduated 6 months, I managed to do a large investment site manager. I have a strong physical strength behind, with the boss gave me enough confidence. But at that time, style holiday travel is in a moribund state. Almost all less than 1000 of the traffic is through the search engine bidding. Cost can be imagined. By November 2006, after the Sichuan tourist season, financial statistics, nearly 6 months, my search engine bidding spent 305 thousand. The gross profit is only a little more than 40. Remove costs, accounting out, a cruel fact in front of me, 6 months time, the site loss of about 100000. read more

Daily topic Jingdong stationed in the entrance of WeChat WeChat can bring a number of users to Jingd

A5 (www.admin5.com) station network news May 28th, passed the long Jingdong has launched the WeChat platform "shopping" entrance yesterday, although only Beijing and Shanghai two city has been upgraded to version 5.3 WeChat users, WeChat in the "discovery" see "shopping" entrance interface. After the shopping entrance will gradually open to the national WeChat users.

"shopping" level entrance is divided into three sub columns: "new discovery", "brand" and "poly Hui", positioning each have focused on, to meet the needs of different groups. WeChat opened shopping entrance will be able to fully meet the needs of the majority of WeChat users shopping. Jingdong chief marketing officer Lanye said Jingdong WeChat shopping channel, can provide preferential prices of goods and rich and convenient service for users of WeChat. He also pointed out that the opening of WeChat shopping entrance level is a major milestone in the strategic cooperation between Jingdong and Tencent. read more

Click fraud hit the nternet advertising industry

yesterday, a report shows that China’s Internet industry’s most worried about the Internet economy is the problem of online advertising click fraud. This is called China online advertising satisfaction survey report shows that 82% of corporate executives worry that Internet advertising click fraud". Some small and medium enterprises even had to give up the Internet advertising.

from China Pharmaceutical (love shares, market, information) investment network Zhou Rengen told reporters that due to click fraud in Internet advertising expenses, resulting in revenues, and finally had to give up the promotion on the internet. According to the reporter, and Zhou Rengen have suffered the same small and medium enterprises in the minority. read more

Ma Huateng Tencent will join hands to open up better

news May 21st, Tencent chairman of the board and chief executive officer Ma Huateng in the 2011 session of the sixth annual meeting of China Internet webmaster said, the Tencent will take out 5 billion as open fund industry, the future will also help owners through the Shenglai Tencent by Kang, eager to open communication with the industry to do better.

Ma Huateng funny said that he is a 15 year old webmaster, people call themselves as horse station, NetEase’s Ding Lei has also worked with the advantages of Ningbo Telecom Bureau to help themselves to exchange packets. read more

China shut down illegal websites more than 140 thousand site filing rate of up to 90%

in March 11, the national anti pornography Working Group Office on the 11 media news release said China throughout the campaign against mobile phone website dissemination of pornographic information special action, has the law to clean up, shut down illegal pornographic websites, including mobile phone network station more than 140 thousand, mobile phone significantly purify the network environment.

national pornography Office recently organized in Beijing, Shanghai, Tianjin, Shaanxi, Fujian, Jiangsu, Guangdong and other 11 provinces to carry out combat mobile phone jurisprudence special action to check, the results show that the investigation by provinces website record rate reached more than 90%, the accuracy of the record information has reached more than 80%. At the same time, China Telecom, mobile, China Unicom and other infrastructure operators also take effective measures to clean up remediation from business promotion channels, mobile phone website access server, mobile phone charges, layers of sublease and other related links. read more

The technical limit of four consecutive days evaporated over 12 billion yuan

storm technology share price chart

Phoenix Technology News

news July 16th, opened today, was a smash hit in the "monster" storm Technology (300431) again sealed daily limit, since the resumption of trading since Monday has four consecutive days limit, real time price of 201.79 yuan, compared to 307.56 yuan before the suspension, the market value of 12 billion yuan more evaporation.

storm recently released 2015 annual results notice. The report shows that the first half of the storm is expected to net profit of 3 million 430 thousand yuan -801 million, down 65%-85%. Although the company’s revenue increased by 20%-30%, but the results notice clearly with the company’s current share price is far from. read more

Discussion on the promotion of the home website promotion blog

way to promote a lot of online mode, the owners are also in turn experiments to find the most suitable for their own model. (on the road of Home Furnishing website promotion blog promotion) the main wrote some details of his blog promotion, because the website promotion is a system work, the details determine success or failure, I still appreciate this sentence


blog promotion: focus!

a lot of people have talked about publicity at the same time in many blog blog blog promotion platform when it comes, I do not agree with this approach, the innumerable blog now is no longer suitable for the two methods, and focus on their own areas, as long as you focus on one area will get a cake by myself in this field in my blog standing in Sina blog blog click two weeks now more than and 900, brought to the site 60 times click, it may not much use, but my blog has reached me to pay, I invisible a propaganda platform, daily visits are rising, the message also slowly more, relative to some senior more than 2 thousand news blog, my 36 news I have satisfied, I will also continue to develop my blog platform. read more

Good webmaster network teach you four details to help you quickly and steadily improve website traf

on the Internet search a bit, introduced the website promotion method article a big basket. There is also a high perspicacity, the fish in troubled waters. Summed up, found most of the articles are written relatively rough, they often ignore some looks but great things may be of no great importance, wrong committed. Here, I combine their two years of experience, to enhance the site traffic need to pay attention to some of the details of a summary. I have many There is no end for learning., not in place, I wish to see the amendment and supplement. read more

Forever marketing thinking successful blogger Jiang Hui

Jiang Hui before using the blog wrote an article about his real case from the website, the whole process of cheated to win, never think of is this blog’s influence is so big, click on the amount up to hundreds of thousands, many people are reproduced, Jiang Hui teacher training on a good impression, because there are so many people want to make money online work but he did not make money, Jiang Hui originally intended to help a part on the Internet do not earn money to the people, because Mr. Jiang Hui has been holding the teaching hospital to help others, rather than holding his can make a lot of money, so until today, Jiang Hui the teacher is to help students make money growth principle, money is not his purpose! Have such a mentality to become a major event! In order to have a space for one person in the online help ah, because he Countless students, many students will be very grateful to him, this is the great wisdom of thinking it! read more