Chairman of the board to talk about the B2B two most promising online trading

news May 17th, the only product show got the news, a few days ago, chairman Wei – casaarte fund will freak out about a small area on the B2B online trading views in the B2B manager, said he was more optimistic about the two kinds of online transaction is a great opportunity.

Wei Zhe B2B assumption into a marriage website, its meaning is to promote the seller and the buyer for the transaction, not necessarily a successful transaction, but there are a lot of services that are needed to provide. Therefore, the B2B industry and its excessive pursuit of online transactions and the transaction amount by the way of paying, than to service commercial service, adopt diversified payment standard, it can greatly enhance the site’s sales income. "If we put e-commerce transactions as the only, then we will go the road will be very long, so we can not hang in a tree." read more

3 more innovative Adsense money Union

Internet is an innovative industry, without innovation is not progress. I do not make any comment on the other aspects of the alliance, the 3 alliance of narrative, some are widely debated in the middle of the webmaster, please take care of the 3 chief creative alliance unique.

1 first video alliance


alliance is a coalition of the few to browse the charging alliance, as well as the traditional TV advertising and Internet advertising innovation based on alliance, the video ads to the site in the estimation of things even unthinkable a few years ago, the Alliance came true! The alliance advertising model should be broad advertisers welcome. read more

Amazon raised the minimum threshold free delivery to a single 49

NetEase Francisco February 23rd message, according to foreign media reports, Amazon from this week once again raised the minimum consumption free delivery threshold, from the original single $35 to $49 per unit, but if the book shopping for books, free postage minimum consumption requirements for $25.

Amazon free shipping service on a long-standing, raised the minimum consumer prices in 2013, the threshold from $25 to $35. Amazon free express will usually be sent within 5 to 8 working days.

Amazon did not increase the subscription fee Prime members. The service is still $99 per year, in addition to the online watch copyrighted video and film content, but also enjoy a faster free courier service for 2 days. (Lu Xin) read more

11 way off single bus Suning save single dog 11


in the year November 11th, the so-called "singles day" is a lot of singles "heartache" day. However, this year Zhengzhou singles unexpected harvest "true benefits", they will be able to sit in the center of the city 27 square Su Ningyun shop "Air Coffee", with the same single female or male companion, drink a warm fragrance of coffee, and participated in the "three minutes dating" interactive games, maybe to find the other half.

double eleven big promotion by "singles day" evolved, after a few years of fission growth, has evolved into a crazy online shopping carnival, to create a world business miracle. In fact, in this process, people gradually forget the "double eleven" had slightly joking intention, just immersed in the joy of fun shopping spree, and businesses are focused on increasing sales record. read more

The new head of YC Silicon Valley venture need not tall

lead: an interview with Sam Altman, he is the godfather of Silicon Valley entrepreneurs in the eyes of the horse.

Sam Altman is where sacred? He is the godfather of Silicon Valley entrepreneurs Paul Graham selected for Y Combinator (known as the first Silicon Valley incubator) new boss. He was one of the first 05 years of employment YC entrepreneurs, with YC source Graham less than a month; he is Stanford Computer Department of dropout, he created Loopt (position; service) was acquired by Green Dot for $43 million; he is an angel investor, or a popular blog writing. Oh, by the way, he’s going to be 29. read more

A practitioner in the eyes of the future retail formats electricity providers convenience stores e

the rapid development of the industry and the future of the link will be large supermarkets and dealers to clean. Store experience will become an important part of O2O, the perceptual experience store is not just to bring good experience, more will be the brand culture and the origin of the top grade products. This paper is a practitioner in the eyes of the future retail formats.

I as a traditional Internet, dry the retail industry for more than a year, deep feelings, tuition is expensive, confidence. Fall somersault bigger, but much more confident, get some offbeat views, share out. read more

W CN head into the O2O era of the electricity supplier

recently, W.CN ultra short domain name as a local people’s livelihood service O2O electricity supplier platform news in full swing, the word O2O once again become the focus of the industry insiders. Back in 2013 the Internet industry, whether it is the Wangfujing, intime, RT mart, Xujiahui mall and other offline retailers to play the O2O banner, or the Internet giant Baidu, Tencent, Alibaba started strong layout in the field of O2O, or mobile, the U.S. group net O2O platform side views and sales sharply promotion, let people outside the industry feel the majestic momentum of an avalanche of O2O business platform. read more

Eleven double curtain battles play online games hall Thanksgiving state help to send cash activities

2016 double eleven wars, Taobao Tmall to $120 billion 700 million transaction volume once again refresh the new Internet shopping. Similar story, in the field of Internet banking also staged. 15 November 11th 6, the Internet financial platform for the State Church in its "Fengqiang 11.11%, activities of interest to the peak, in a single day turnover exceeded one hundred million yuan of good results, set a new record for a single day turnover platform, won the praise of users and peer.

now, two more than eleven temperature is not reduced, the state will launch help hall team play the game to send cash, up again on Thanksgiving day. According to the state for the church’s official website, Thanksgiving activities with "thank you, warm in winter as the theme, through the slot machine extraction in the form of a cash award, in November 23rd -25, the three day centralized investment user feedback. During the event, the slot machine starts at 10:00 am and 15:00 pm every morning, each draw time is 30 minutes, the maximum reward of $99 in cash. read more

nterview with Liu Qiangdong fake flood impact of the real economy

[Abstract] in Liu Qiangdong opinion, if the electricity supplier to ensure the quality of China’s real economy will have a good role in promoting.

Tencent technology Sun Hongchao reported on December 19th

During the period of

to participate in the second world Internet Conference in Wuzhen, said the Jingdong group CEO Liu Qiangdong told the Tencent of science and technology and other media interview, if the electricity supplier can eliminate fake, intellectual property protection, not only the impact of the real economy, it will promote the development of the real economy. read more

Transformation of B2B e commerce in the future where

at the present stage, whether large or medium-sized B2B B2B integrated service platform service platform, the most mature profit model is the membership fee, according to the different service platform for different levels of membership, received varying amounts of membership fee as a service fee. Due to the current service platform has not really involved in the transaction process, the operation of the commission charged by the transaction is not suitable for the status quo of China’s B2B services. read more