Kristjan Staničić, CNTB: In the coming period, the focus will be on the domestic market and destinations easily accessible by road

first_imgAccording to the eVisitor system, in the commercial and non-commercial segment and nautical charter, in Croatia during the first three months 635.000 arrivals (-33%) and 1.893.500 overnight stays (-20%) were realized, while in March realized 118.236 arrivals (-75%) and 518.530 overnight stays (-53%). Also, Staničić stated that in the coming period, when adequate conditions are met, intensive work will be done on the promotion and positioning of Croatia as a safe country with a focus on the domestic market and those markets where Croatian destinations are easily accessible by road. The impact of the coronavirus pandemic on global tourism trends is extremely negative and, as expected, is visible in the tourism results achieved in March in Croatia, he said. HTZ Director Kristjan Stanicic and added that there is almost no tourist traffic. “At this moment, we have primarily focused our activities on the changes to the Annual Work Program and Financial Plan for 2020. We also maintain daily communication with all our representative offices in the world, strategic partners and international tourism associations, as well as representatives of the tourism sector in Croatia. We primarily maintain our presence in key emitting markets through activities on social networks, where we have enabled numerous followers to make virtual trips through Croatian destinations, expressing support and empathy given the current situation in other countries. It is still too early to talk about concrete forecasts for the main part of the tourist year, ie for July, August and September. “, he pointed out Stanicic. Photo: Plitvice Lakes National Parklast_img

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