Do the high quality chain must respect the essence of value chain platform

read an article, said a Taiwan girl called Shen Xinling. She is 12 years old has been through the site to make money and established the first enterprise website. Through this story I think a lot of time sorting out, hope to stimulate myself and read this friend. The 12 year old Shen Xinling see Grandpa grapefruit sold, so he thought to each website email, said his grandfather grapefruit sold, I hope there is a need to contact him, the result is really the order. Then he saw the power of the network, and enjoys the same fruit as he established a sales network platform. Then established the enterprise website for her mother’s laundry. read more

A search optimization method and details of the analysis engine

Er will present a lot of Shanghai dragon eyes to mainstream search engines such as Google and love Shanghai optimization above, but now these two search engines because of its perfect algorithm and on all aspects of the site requirements increase, for the novice friends is a piece of the Red Sea, however these minor search engines optimization is undoubtedly a great opportunity to experience new friends for some non mainstream search engines, the crowd is not a lot, especially for the fierce competition in the key, as long as we try to do is have a space for one person. To achieve a good optimization effect is not possible. Here I share for Youdao how to make Shanghai Longfeng optimization. read more

Analysis of Shanghai dragon world soft promotion case Shanghai dragon ten master

the Shanghai dragon Specialty: Shanghai dragon information a clear thinking ability quite avant-garde, special love on the search engine ranking loopholes, resulting in fast, accurate, long, shortcomings of search engine ranking update will lead to short-term fluctuations.

fourth: Shanghai – Dragon Valley needle Ji: Chinese

Title: China Shanghai Dragon Master top 10

the Shanghai Dragon Master Specialty: Innovation of Shanghai Longfeng external resources research technology can be said that no one beyond, Shanghai dragon optimization reached, fast, accurate, disadvantages of stability can reach eighty-seven percent. read more

An analytical webmaster should how the weight to stabilize the website

these days to recover, as shown in figure

The weight of a station The key factors affecting the stability of

two, improve the user experience, reduce the rate of jump out of

space or serverBefore

, to maintain the stability of

of the author, the maintenance is not in place, the weight of some time ago have been declining, as shown in figure

see a lot of Shanghai Longfeng stability optimization articles said space will not only affect the ranking, included, will also affect the weight and height of the web site, then I also do not believe, because I think the weight is not a web site is on the space to support, but by obtaining the flow quantity of love from Shanghai the decision. This relatively one-sided ideas, the author also deeply ashamed, first to explain, many owners may not be able to see the space influence directly, we can get to this level by flow analysis, keyword ranking from love Shanghai to decide, and is the site keywords ranking is stable and can decide whether the normal access, web site can not be normal access by space or server whether stable decision. Through such a series, nature can know the decision space is the most basic factors, if there is no space, then the other factor does not exist, so we can get the importance of space. Therefore, the instability of the space will lead to decline resulting in weight row keywords, so let’s keep weight down, stability, we must guarantee the stability of the space, because this is a basic operation of the most fundamental and most important. read more

360 Sogou acquisition failed to replace the personal interests of the collective interests of the tr

is still two months ago, the industry almost unanimously that the 360 will become the ultimate buyers and Sogou, Sogou and 360 will achieve good combination, so as to suppress the formation of love Shanghai, after all, before the 360 and two together Sogou market share of nearly 30%, the share ratio is like a few years ago Google in the Chinese market, enough to pose a threat to the love of Shanghai, so the industry either small owners or other concern in the industry search engine development pattern, basically all is looking forward to the 360 and Sogou cooperation. read more

Discussion on the optimization of the three misunderstandings in Shanghai Dragon

in a Shanghai Longfeng site, see a copy of your previous good website ranking dropped, and with the tools of inquiry, found that included, outside the chain, etc. are not what too big change, so as to see exactly what the problem is, carefully check the love sea content included, at that time you see, a small business station, included even thousands, had noticed the rankings when there has been no, right now I feel strange, see included after, found a lot of garbage pages, the garbage here is some junk message page, a page is spam love Shanghai included. It accounted for 75% of spam messages here on damage sites of interest, so the relationship is included and ranking, see the content included, the actual collection must be judged, shielded The garbage is included to stable the website of Shanghai Longfeng progress. read more

Today’s headlines plan to provide office space for 100 entrepreneurial projectsGrassroots Entreprene

are you a webmaster or a mobile application developer,

today’s headlines announced that in Beijing, Shanghai, Shenzhen, Chengdu, four places to recruit 100 outstanding content entrepreneurship projects, providing them with office space, entrepreneurship counseling, operational support, including supporting services. Previously, today’s headlines for the new world, intellectuals, entertainment, Das Kapital, Silicon Valley spy, offline time and so on 31 Public numbers to provide similar services. read more

Wei Wu why do object to a business model from the mediaHow do you make money if you have 1 million

I was probably from the media business prospects have been bad mouthing people from the media itself, not bad not bad, more than a month ago, Xu Wei in WeChat and I exchange this thing, it is the new things or to positive encouragement, I hem and haw perfunctory a few words, the thought is: what new thing to say, I’m really positive encouragement? Not optimistic about it!

      3, when you can earn 500 thousand times within a year to be absolutely fair, as long as you learn from anxiety a year, if you earn 50 years is very simple, I began to do network management is the beginning of the 06 year, before SP, then a sales from rookie to master all the learning network. Because this record is gradual, and are practical experience, there is some of the network experience, if you let me back in 2006, I certainly better than now, so others take me 06 years to record in today’s study, so he is equivalent to avoid some detours I 06 years away in order to catch up with us, a large force in the first time. read more

The domain name investment projects in WangzhuanSwagbucks search earns dollars

, ha ha!

IP question, if you have the United States agents, the best use of the United States IP, I heard that the probability of winning more, I do not know whether it is true, the Chinese IP can also be the same, I use the Chinese IP still winning!

resource has very little, because of the introduction of a domain name, the following 3 basically soon be registered over, now is occasionally is due not to renew, have been registered to the master to register.

this morning we tell about Wangzhuan tricks in that some can make money on the Internet loopholes, but is also very easy to make the rich project. read more

Chunshuitang fun electricity supplier listed on the new board data Adult supplies is not good busine

if you are the Commissioner of the league, please give me the latest information and we will send it to you for the first time. Feedback

technology news October 9th morning news, the domestic business hall of Changzhou health supplies Polytron Technologies Inc hereinafter referred to as the "Spring House" recently officially listed on the new board, stock code: 839466. At the end of June this year, Sina reported chunshuitang prospectus, chunshuitang will issue 16 million 712 thousand and 668 shares, par value of 1 yuan. read more