How to find more Wangzhuan Wangzhuan novicePlease bite this time

to talk about how to do Wangzhuan Wangzhuan. Wangzhuan is using the Internet this media to achieve good publicity and earn a profit. The network is really a very good platform. First of all, he has hundreds of millions of people with huge potential markets. And the masses of all walks of life, there are a variety of preferences of users, there are different ages, different pursuit of people. So even if you can locate a better crowd to promote, then you will certainly make a lot of money.

third points: teaching points. If someone has consulted you, then you must provide room for training. How did blacks do it?. He didn’t rent his own office, and he took classes in another training office. It’s really hard to talk about classes. Training is sometimes necessary to take into account regional relationships. Hefei says it’s not small, and if you’re teaching in Hefei, you may lose a lot of students. He is equal to two teaching points in Hefei, one at the railway station and one at the Pearl plaza. Students can choose where to teach at any point in the class. About the class time, he arranges like this: 135 in the Pearl Square, 246 at the railroad station. Because Pearl Square is very far away from the railway station, so every time he arrives at 246, he must get up early and then take the most crowded place in Hefei read more

The building of local gateways requires innovation and business acumen

relative to the door of the human and material resources station, many small and medium-sized webmaster choose to do local portal station, I also choose more than local gateway station (Zengcheng home: The portal station includes information on the Internet and other types of information, Chinese network, garbage station has flooded the world, along with the information department to deal with all kinds of garbage station, I believe in the 2009 new year local portal station and the station information will occupy the mainstream of the Internet China. read more

What kind of website does your enterprise need

it seems like a silly question, but after reading this article on branding through a particular web page, I began to think about whether the websites we know become obsolete. I’ve also started to think about whether it’s possible to integrate search engines with behavioral technologies and content management systems to make our work easier.

, let’s say that not all websites are out of date. Marketing sites work at least well, they provide users with browsing and discovering new news, rather than implementing specific products or services. A typical corporate Web site is quite different from this. Most of us have this kind of website, they are divided into ", about us, ", ", case study, ", ", service introduction, ", and so on, and even " product " service. They integrate organically as a whole and provide users with browsing in a certain order. The information architects are seriously planning user experiences, and in many cases they release the company’s relevant circumstances to provide positive brand experience. read more

A media micro blog editor’s self culture micro blog’s value for the media

for the media, micro-blog seems to be a life-saving straw in a way, the media voice is put more. Micro-blog is a new thing, how to do it, and how to do it. However, no matter how to explore, the media micro-blog should have a certain bottom line and integrity, and as a new media channels, its assessment indicators have yet to be discussed. Micro-blog editor should not surrender to the requirements of the KPI, their own anesthesia on the nothingness of the figures, like a cat in a cage of mouse run continuously in the realms of the ghosts looking for excitement and superficial, for the public revelry and entertainment to death. read more

Some personal views on the domestic advertising alliance

has been a webmaster for months, and has been in touch with several advertising organizations. The first to join is the Google Adsense, which has hung up all the time. Subsequently joined the Baidu advertising alliance, less than a month was the title. One after another, join Sogou, the first video, Ali Mama advertising alliance, but the site is currently on Google adsense.

has some more or less understanding of these advertising alliances. Google Adsense hang the longest time, and now has a little income on the account, just because PIN code has not received, has not yet started a point. Compared to other alliances, Google Adsense is easier to apply for an alliance, and an account can be hung on all sites, relatively much more convenient. But Google Adsense has a lot of low price advertisement and illegal advertisement, affected stationmaster income. I got a list from a friend who made partial changes to low prices and illegal advertising, and there was an obvious change in income. read more

The most important thing to do is to persist in adding originality

hello. This is my first time to write soft Oh is actually own experiences to share. I also do for a long time the station, but not a station well, many are the most important. Do give up halfway station is to insist that every 1 articles original, do not be afraid of difficult or no time to send. Send an article in no time.

time is squeezed out. Slowly adhere to at most six months, your station, I believe there will be great improvement,

I of this station are in fact before the acquisition, but I still insist every day update, although the contents are others, but will be updated daily. This station also has a slowly for 7 months. The weight of Baidu is a little high, oh. The snapshot is almost every day update. But this station not what IP, because it is collected, articles that would not go to the front. This ranking is the main cause of IP. So what did I know the importance of the original. read more

Watercress product manager on BBS it’s still evolving it will cause an upsurge

BBS’s death is always a hot discussion of the rise and fall of the industry, in the mobile Internet era, in the face of micro-blog, WeChat and other impact, the traditional BBS is exactly what kind of situation?


Product Manager lebanner (@Route-99) pointed out in the article, BBS longevity of products will not suddenly disappear, which contains the product concept and community design, user and platform operation mechanism until today have a very high value, BBS will not die, BBS thought the amount of connotation will not die. read more

Discussion on profit model and management mechanism of public welfare websites

a lot of socially responsible individuals have started some public service websites, such as a free platform for finding people – I’m looking for These website founder is purely personal sense of mission and interest driven, their own investment, their own design, promotion, free of charge for all services. Indeed, their deeds are worthy of social recognition, worthy of respect and worthy of emulation. It can be said, "every public service website is a lamp, it can not completely illuminate the darkness, but it can always dispel the darkness. When there is too much light, the society will become bright."". But the lamp always needs a light bulb and a power supply. The bigger the bulb and the more power it is, the brighter the light will be, the more lights will be lit; on the contrary, the light will not be bright enough to illuminate more people. For public service websites, the light bulb and power supply of the website are the economic foundation of the founder. People who set up public welfare websites have a good economic foundation, many inputs and good public effects; on the contrary, the effect of public welfare will be poor. If the public website founder of the economic foundation is not good, then the public website to have the best perfect profit model, to their blood, self-sufficiency, if can through the commercial operation of the site itself continues to grow, it is hell. read more

Xie the current form of attention to website construction

now many novice webmaster to ask the old thank me, he didn’t know how to make a website development space to do what the site is better, the old Xie think this problem is worth thinking, not just now need to think about, you also need in-depth consideration of website development, the old Xie personal experience, talk about a few experience, I hope we have a certain role.

one, analyze your own situation,

this is very important, the 360 line of the line, the number one, you are good at what, familiar with what side, go to study this area, do not think which stations are more favorable, can be a way up. read more

For the website revision my station is not lucky


website optimization hall, I estimate the major owners of elders, you certainly do not know this station, hee hee, but Baidu brother know oh, "Fuyang team net network media", registered to run in December 4, 2010, and then did not understand SEO the technology, but also the play of mind, and then register the domain name I mean, the team, but later found that the tour is not easy, do website construction service, then give up, so the site updated a few articles, and then became a backwater. read more