How to use the old eight months to build hundreds of millions of people standing on the monthly flow is a personal web site established in May 2013, and this site has a very high exposure in some of the technology blogs in the United States, and everyone thinks it’s a small miracle.

The reason is that this

personal website was established only 8 months, but the independent user visits every day in more than 2 million, the monthly income is estimated in the hundreds of thousands of dollars, and this site only 3 maintenance, 2 of which are part-time. this site does not take any VC investment, and there is no new technology, is a simple BLOG system built personal website. read more

Do the product operation with the principle of Pyramid


Pyramid principle is also the logic of your problem solving.

Spring Festival use leisure time, once again looked through Barbara’s "Pyramid principle". Before reading this book is that I just graduated from University, listen to a lot of people recommend, hurriedly read again, perhaps my experience is still shallow, many did not understand, but subconsciously still think this is a good book. This will be picked up and read from the logic to the logic of thinking to understand how to solve the problem, seems to have been not difficult, but there is logic acting and logic of analyzing and solving problems have a lot of reference, especially for the operation of buddy is the gospel. read more

Grassroots webmaster why do you write the soft text

why do you write soft? A question and answer the topic


webmaster writes soft text, not only to write, but also must write! Why, I have a say!


first point:

chains for high quality

PR is GOOGLE launched a search engine algorithm, in the most popular words, that is, your web site in other people’s Web site in the amount of how many, to determine the quality of your web site. How do you achieve this effect,


links? Pay

big website advertising, then you are the aristocracy.

blog messages? No audit! No show. read more

do the 5 steps of the station

initially finds out what to do, so as to find a content related domain name. For example, some people do QQ station, in general, his domain name with qq. I am preliminary prepared to do the content is about the name, so register I love the name, domain name and content related, easy for users to remember our website. Here to the novice say, to buy domain name is not sure, directly to Admin5 to buy, high reputation, dedicated service.

two to determine the domain name, decided to use some kind of procedures for site construction, and now in their Dede touch climb for a good period of time, so they use Dede site. For this, just like, you can also use empire or DZ. read more

Encouraging users to evaluate and feedback information is critical to web development

Internet is a virtual platform, because we cannot see the other end of the network screen face to face. After seeing some information, we need to verify it by multiple verification. This process, if there is a side or familiar friend recommended us a message, are more likely to accept. The true feedback information of ordinary users can win the attention and trust of users more than that of website owners, and this information feedback is the user’s experience evaluation of products and services. read more

Some points for beginners to do links

, I’m a newbie. I’ve just started studying SEO. My first task is to make a link. I’m sure a lot of SEO veterans are coming this way. Now, I have completed the task, but also realized the friends of the chain of ups and downs. Here, I summed up the novice friends chain of several points of attention, I hope you can borrow this platform to the same novice students a little inspiration.

1. Get ready for


preparations include many: first, you must first understand some basic knowledge of Links, especially Links quality evaluation, such as the ALEXA rankings, the PR value, website weight, page snapshot, included the number, you must know their concepts, and know how to judge; secondly, you know some matters needing attention Links, prevent and reduce their own website weight and some will even let their website by K website link; again, you have to make clear the basic steps of the Links. read more

Pull hook is like being acquired excellence recruitment website why life is different

recruitment website mingtu different

Original title:

recruitment website mingtu different

veteran recruitment giant recently once again changed hands, the addiction is MampA 58 city into the bag. The embarrassment of nodes, have been clamoring to kill the traditional recruitment website on the new forces toward the pinnacle of life: Premier Li Keqiang praised the Internet recruitment platform into the financial field immediately pull hook net recruitment platform or vertical, are not the interpretation of the recruitment website reshuffle is wrong, then what led these enterprises fate read more

Ming how to use QQ group website to promote the whole Raiders

as China after 90% netizens gathered, QQ and QQ group promotion has been the network promotion way to small owners love loved by everyone, of course, some owners think the promotion effect is very good, some Adsense is not so lucky, Ming in here the website promotion program all QQ group to do a promotion a summary, hope webmaster friends can find suitable ways to promote the site, make a good website promotion effect in QQ and QQ group.

QQ: a mass advertising, let people hate can easily be the main t out of the way. Now many people still believe in this way, the key to see the contents of advertisements sent by you, if you don’t send ads to direct the course of the main play you, but is a fool, but if you want me in a station sending some recent events in the network some website promotion and website operation or technical articles there are a lot of people will go to see the. There is the question of degrees, you send one a day, you may still accept, you’ll brush one, then it was T undoubtedly. How to grasp is the degree of the problem. Let’s take care of it. read more

Promotion analysis of medical SEOer consultation volume

as a medical SEOer, your job responsibilities are not limited to every day, just around the chain, the chain, title, kewords, description…… These basic things go back and forth. A good SEOer should also have sharp data insights and rigorous data analysis skills.

a few days ago to get a copy of a hospital to buy in a portal to the channel page dialogue effect month statistics, today I want to through this data report from another perspective on the analysis of the basic data, some processes need attention, the share is only for reference. read more