Old iron optimize the website start from the optimization page


website made after for the website optimization from a single page optimization is essential, so for SEO, using formal techniques is a long-term work, if you do not pay attention to these sites start, your page is much, then the whole site became a heap of garbage. On the other hand, by carefully optimizing each page, your web site will benefit as a whole.

first website optimization is to make your website a dialogue with the search engine, search engine told my station is what to do, my station contains how much about the theme of things, and my site site is more valuable than similar things and authority, and you did not tell the search engine, the search engine will believe you. Do to him, how to do? read more

SEO experience recommend you

SEO, I’m sure everyone knows. I understand SEO, it should belong to a branch of network marketing, but in most cases, a lot of network marketing, but ignore the SEO, the most fundamental thing is that many people don’t know SEO, do not know what SEO can bring us. In fact, SEO is the most important part of network marketing, it can be practical and practical, bring us traffic, and effectively use it, why can we bring the most valuable traffic?.

a lot of people talk about SEO, the first instinct is to do "external links"". All think SEO, very simple, not the door worthy of learning online discipline. There are also a lot of people refute this kind of talk, often say a word is, "you yourself to do a hot key words, try."". This is like a novel, love the book, crazy about it, don’t love it, published online "different opinions", you will encounter a lot of fans say they wear resistance, in the mouth of a word, "do you write a Book". read more

Su flute Kang soft text is not soft advertising

Su Dikang think: soft text is not soft advertising. Su Dikang learned soft writing, read some of the circulation of soft text experience, such as "how to write soft text" and so on, and found that many people are defined as soft soft text advertising. In fact, soft and soft advertising can not be equated. As for the "soft" naobaijin, is the essence of advertising, is not real news.

soft text is not soft advertising,

soft advertising is characterized in the article, deliberately stressed a brand, or something else, and even directly provide naked purchase process, in order to achieve the purpose of direct sales of products. This so-called soft Wen, in the ordinary people’s view, is more blatant than the simple advertisement, because it attempts to conceal own real intention, but causes some more careful customer to have the suspicion. And, soft advertising communication ability is poor, very few people to reprint a full of advertising content articles. Because of the soft advertising color obviously, manufacturers often need to pay to publish in the media (newspapers like the purchase of advertising), and there are still soft advertising communication is poor, so you need to invest a lot of money to achieve communication, soft advertising eventually found that the cost is very high. read more

Website log analysis website more secure

as a webmaster, the crown web Xiaobian feel a little understanding of website log analysis, the site will be more secure. Web logs can be downloaded from FTP or servers. After downloading, we can analyze the IP segment of the corresponding source to determine whether the IP segment belongs to a real spider.

below, the crown web Xiaobian on the crown web hg-seo.com site log analysis.

first, Xiao Bian downloaded the 8-2 Web log

from the server

second, open the web log

through the picture above, we can see, this is very messy, look a little tired, and it is difficult to analyze in the end what IP visited our site, which pages have been caught by spiders. It is a mess, so we can make a simple process, difficult to change. The small book is converted to XLS in TXT format. In this way, we can analyze them in rows and columns. After conversion, we can parse them out through the columns so that we can show them in a detailed and regular manner. read more

You must swap Links Mendanghudui

people say, do stand to make money, the website objective is profit, not profitable website, you do a P ah, isn’t it? Not only waste the server space also greatly waste their time and energy to think, work late to N webmaster every night, which day is not the black eye up! The so-called night owls, sometimes is also a kind of


some people say, do you want to make money, envy pcpop.com like Li Xiang, at the age of more than 20 on the list of fortune’s very young! Is it? The Internet brings us a different business model, it let us all have venture capital, money can also be, in reality even if you are poor, you can to do a simple mode! How many people go to business, to realize their dreams! In fact, sometimes when you are in reality confused, you can try to start method on the network, there is always a right for you! You can make their own website, open shop, do a lot of Witkey, as long as you can do it, you can do it! I don’t need much capital is not read more

Summer shops need to do a good job of fire prevention

no matter what kind of shop, no matter how much effort the owner, a fire is likely to destroy everything. As the saying goes, rich thousands of labourers, the poor fire. Especially in the summer hot weather, dry air drying prone to fire. And our retail business is not easy to work hard, so the supermarket fire prevention is more important, I hope that the retail stores are mainly serious.

, the main reason for the fire occurred in the supermarket is the aging of the circuit wire, copper wire exposed to produce sparks, fire. Because, we store the main attention to the regular inspection of the store in the bare power cord and electrical outlet, to see if the wire aging, nudity, electrical sockets, etc.. If the danger source is found, replace the power cord and electrical outlet in time to avoid the fire. read more

How to tap the value that you ignore

business opportunities are numerous,


value everywhere,


you have so many valuable things as gold that you have neglected.

most of the people in the machinery of the busy, lack of meditation thinking, if you have been busy for many years no harvest, you should pause at the moment, Jingxiaxinlai, summary, analysis, understanding, you may have very big harvest. This article will give you some ideas to share and perhaps some inspiration for you.

, please remember and think about this sentence: most of the business is built on the basis of asymmetric information, read more

A head of the 25 day Olympic Valley competition growth history

to tell you the truth, I come to www.admin5.com 100 abstruse cereal SEO contest, is completely uppity, on SEO nine through ten orifices (utterly ignorant of my cheek) built my Olympic Valley site www.baiaogu.cq.cn, for today, really is not easy, but also learned a lot of things.

has been building since April 11th. It’s been 25 days now. I adhere to the original, never copy, insist on regularly updated articles (halfway or a few days off), the design of reasonable keyword density, never pile keywords. These are not worth mentioning to the experts, I have participated in the SEO competition learned. read more

Guo Yeye as an internet marketer make sure you have a sales job

engaged in network marketing for some time, the ups and downs, summed up, and can write a lot of text. On the network all big master BBS, Network Marketing Summit, senior marketing plan book read a lot, know a lot. There are very few articles about the personal network marketing. As a lower level of social workers, network marketing is a more extravagant investment, the most important reason is because the network marketing effect is sometimes directly linked to money. In Hubei, Baidu marketing service center has done half a year, the Marketing Summit has participated in many times. The presence of all Mister level, the meeting has regulations, non Mister level, is not able to participate in such a large-scale marketing summit. Like our personal network marketing, no money, no right two, want to rely on the network to make a career to have money shop, squeezed out from the teeth. Technology, art, maintenance, financial management, is a person doing, without fatigue. read more

Driving force network marketing choosing domain names is a good idea

domain name for a website is extremely important, but for the network industry, domain name resources are becoming scarce, and good domain name is rare. How to make rational use of and create new domain names has become particularly important.

1, domain name and website theme to associate

domain name and web site topics related to performance in the domain name. Domain name and industry, industry, products, common sense has a high degree of association. Not only on the domain name to be linked, the Chinese name on the station should also be associated, not out of line. read more