Wuhan Shanghai dragon Li Ming execution table let your targeted Shanghai Dragon

had a plan to implement, how to perform? Can’t think of what to do, side to side, can’t do a lot of little or no downtime tomorrow to do today, so no plans to make the job of confusion, reduced efficiency, not only missed work can make people become lazy. So we have to do is plan, clear objectives, a reasonable allocation of time to work everything in good order and well arranged.

should strictly implement the plan

Author: Li Ming How to develop the

plan table, after a period of time and then look at the site included and ranking, the execution table with two records with analysis of website optimization effect, timely and appropriate modified schedule. If the results are poor, you can take a look at the record, is not strictly according to the execution schedule and execution, the chain is not a normal state, the chain position is not appropriate, according to the actual situation to adjust plans to make the next phase of the work carried out smoothly. If the optimization effect is obvious, can adjust the plan to increase the amount of workload in order to achieve better results. read more

The website of Shanghai Longfeng diagnosis The Eight mmortals Crossing the Sea show

Shanghai Longfeng diagnostic service industry where

through their own technology to make money, do stand or help others to do the website of Shanghai Longfeng diagnosis was also but have no ground for blame, a little presumptuous small owners, their technology is not home, just contact the industry is not too long, but to think through the Shanghai dragon chicken to make money, therefore, inevitably there will be many small owners with some enterprises to help them optimize, but after March but not up to the enterprise to the effectiveness of the dispute has appeared. But this is not a concept, there are still a lot of strength of the individual owners, their technology is home, the service is excellent, it is helping many enterprise website do love Shanghai home, by many business owners alike. read more

A5 marketing how to improve the efficient website original article

brand value

and other increased acquisition cost are: A, no right key code (love Shanghai search), so can not directly copy the source code, only to copy, will be more complicated. B>

three: increase replication and acquisition cost

generally speaking, the brand value of the outstanding points: A, website brand or corporate brand; B, editor of personal brand. After all, your website, only a few fixed to edit the article, and the acquisition of your website, the editor is not fixed, love Shanghai also can clearly judge, who has been writing original. read more

Analysis of the industry users core website optimization

, a general

know the special needs of users, special needs from where to see

is a website.


love Shanghai search engine more is to solve the information needs of users, users to search the product directly in the proportion of the purchase is the least. Usually, users generally in the online search is a problem, consulting accounted for the largest proportion, and then the local area and peer search, and finally the users to buy products directly.


for the industry demand can be divided into the following three categories: general and special requirements, types. read more

t belongs to the weak talent update website

3 and other relevant minutiae

station that is actually a fine-tuning of the site layout, structure adjustment, for example we found by thermodynamic diagram navigation bar at the back of a row in front of more than more clicks, we put them in the position exchange; or click on the home page, page directory list has obvious difference, we make adjustments are called update.


easy to understand, I will set out together: "text, add or delete Links, set the page code, like nofollow, ALT tags," these can prove that we have a new dynamic website, called read more

Love the latest Shanghai algorithm on the impact of new on line website

. Clean the page to browse feel very good. It is very important to improve the user experience of help.

6, the chain construction site and Links construction

on a new website, need to have a comprehensive understanding of the product, and cannot modify the site frequently.

3, choose a good domain name and stable space.

that the two new algorithms for the upcoming on-line website has no effect on

website should pay attention to these aspects:

A new line of

search engine is to respect the original content, if the articles are original, is conducive to search engine included. It’s easy to get a better ranking. Easy to attract spider. Adhere to the original update in the algorithm, will not be too much harm. Let the spider know my site is active, fresh content acquisition. The money on the line in the new station, owners need to prepare some good articles. To update the site to which we hope that. read more

From the barber shop marketing website construction

a haircut, left a good impression is not a long time to a new customer. Is this good impression that the customer after naturally or half unconsciously for the barbershop and to the several customers. The effect of word-of-mouth marketing is great, but to establish a good reputation, you must start from the barber shop itself hard, which is commonly referred to as the station optimization.

most of the grassroots website is like a barber shop, in terms of scale, capital, personnel, popularity and compared to beauty parlour. It is because of these limitations, the promotion of small and medium site has been limited, it is difficult to break the bottleneck. So is the barber shop, only external promotion of word-of-mouth marketing, while the internal optimization is very necessary. read more

Case analysis of the use of TAGS to improve Google website

first renderings:

TAGS is the last Title tag. Most of the time, the program itself is through the use of the title of the article to obtain a TAGS label, in fact, for such TAGS although can improve the amount collected, but the site’s ranking did not know what meaning, because the title sometimes coupled with a lot of particles, and these particles easily when get into the keywords TAGS tag.

TAGS label, will appear in the search form, so natural for the Google content >

is the second TAGS label words don’t repeat themselves is that several TAGS tag words too much will be repeated is that Google keyword stuffing to improve their website, because a website contains dozens of content as like as two peas will naturally put some, deleted, and this also makes the Google stack robot suspicious. So, if increasing the amount included in the site using TAGS tags, then let each TAGS tag of the word is different, but also with the content of the site itself related to. This TAGS tag will not only can increase the amount collected, but also can improve the site’s ranking. read more

Death is not over the reason to choose white hat Shanghai Dragon

3, phase behavior analysis. The user behavior is added to the website ranking factors to.

we come to understand the purpose of search engine:


white hat Shanghai dragon should follow the principle:

4, the search engine needs to maintain a healthy ecological cycle, do not want to be able to destroy the Shanghai dragon natural ranking.

in the stage of text analysis, in Title, adding a certain keyword density kword and descrption tags and contents, it is easy to get good rankings, but in the link analysis stage, as long as through the establishment of a large number of the chain, it can easily achieve a good ranking. In the current stage, the search engine algorithm has obviously more complex, not only the text and links the main factors in determining the ranking, more user behavior will be included in the ranking factors. read more

Excellence is the successful method of a Shanghai dragon er

not long winded, said finally, a successful Shanghai dragon Er to remember, don’t be lazy, everyone knows that the soft effect is good, but you wrote? In fact, you know, but you are not willing to write something myself, but love lazy blindly in the Forum irrigation, said Shanghai Longfeng it is important to execution, if you do a year Shanghai dragon has not made what a big score, then you really should think about this a year doing what have learned something new every day? Stick to innovation is by a person engaged in network occupation will, " read more