pay tribute to the Shanghai dragon station we need to do

Last year’s The rapid development of

Hello, I’m Muzi into the boat. Recently read a lot of a lot of Shanghai Longfeng strange phenomenon, see many webmaster do Shanghai dragon are floating on the surface, do not want to do the Shanghai dragon, feel very helpless, the owners also feel very pity, because no matter what the Shanghai dragon age, no matter what the web site of the Shanghai Dragon, practical the webmaster can always lasting, and floating on the surface of the station will always bear a heavy blow in the search engine under relentless attack. Opportunistic and sometimes have to consider the situation, do Shanghai dragon we need more down-to-earth, here I would like to pay tribute to all the practical Shanghai dragon, they gave us the stationmaster a positive learning environment. read more

Medical network promotion SEM hand

love Shanghai encyclopedia explains: "the network is to promote the use of the Internet for promotional activities."

is from Shanghai directly on the Encyclopedia of love, I think network promotion is a project rather than a job. Or that the whole SEM is a complete project, but the network promotion absolutely to occupy the main workflow of this project. Just as your content and high quality, your page design and elegant, Shanghai dragon level you again superb, your code and standard, no network promotion behind the waves, the site is like a ship with no power boat on the sea. There is no power control, only with the waves drift, and the consequences are as can be imagined. So, the author thinks that network promotion should be the most thought now, the author mentioned in "medical SEM network series hand", "should not let more people know your site, but should let people know the most suitable for your website." This sentence, I think it is the bounden duty of the network push. How to let visitors know your website? How to make the most suitable visitors know your website? If the network is to promote the ship, it must be dynamic can discern the direction, otherwise blindly to the site to the non audience visitors, as the boat went straight towards the bottomless abyss, never turn over the day. read more

How to make web site keywords optimization in the short term to quickly see the effect of these do n


two, avoid keywords pure acquisition

wants to make the customer satisfied, you have to come up with satisfactory results, which is the most critical, so, if can make the customer satisfied? Is to let the user site change, this change obviously in the short term, let the other side can feel your strengths, it may be difficult, because of the many users is covered at the attitude of the website optimization, for very little money, but also want to see results, the first impression is very important, so, only in the website keywords efforts. read more

Love is love Shanghai home to Shanghai’s future in occupied Shanghai Longfeng platform


high quality publicity indispensable news source

love Shanghai skill is the search technology platform, because there are many other derivative products, to provide quality services for users to search, the target is faster, more accurate free search service! Hot topics "Ya’an earthquake" let the search engine to provide the latest news more, love Shanghai "Ya’an earthquake" keywords 10, home location is love Shanghai occupy 6 of their own platform, so the search results, let the webmaster can find where Shanghai Longfeng trail, where the future of Shanghai dragon read more

How to explain the four step stability more effective ranking website webmaster

of website structure optimizationThe structure of the

content is the soul of the website, the website ranking is the most important factor is the user access to the final destination. So, to solve the ranking is not stable, quality will be good website content off. All the webmaster all know the content of the website can be divided into three kinds, one is the original content, for the stability of the website ranking and improve the user experience is very effective, but also the search engine is the most love. Two is the pseudo original content. Although the original false original content is not in the true sense, but if you can highly original, even with the original content of the gap is still a little, but the method for stable website ranking is also a very good, after all, the search engine is not human, can not completely distinguish the original or false original. Three is the collection content, the content is the most garbage, most of the content is spider hate. For the ranking not only without any help, but also the final ranking as well as the uncertainty of the culprit. So, in the webmaster address the web site ranking is not stable, more quality should be considered about the site’s content, only good quality, but also is the most easy > read more

The influence of several source site snapshot

five, domain name age

Two, the content of the website

above is the author summarizes several aspects of the site snapshot, hope to help everyone. This paper from the original, it is free of the www.zhenmianfei贵族宝贝 starting A5, reproduced the need to indicate the source of

is a website to have a good ranking, high flow, we must do the work of Shanghai dragon, know that the webmaster, site title, keywords, description is the need to pay attention to, avoid keyword stuffing.

four, the website of Shanghai dragon read more

The main points of the chain need to pay attention to the design of

three, the chain does not require the number of fixed

we are in the chain when the design must understand the implicit demand of products and target users, or when we design the chain and the chain is easy to adjust in violation of the rules may, according to their own subjective to the random adjustment within the chain, directly caused by the user for chain click experience decreased. So when design within the chain don’t let their subjective thoughts to influence us most probably it did not actually happen to the user demand contact judgment. read more

Look at how the beauty industry search ranking war

do external optimization site is more than a large amount of support from outside the chain, because only one site in the search engine platform only very difficult circumstances were the efforts to achieve the effective brand promotion and maximize. We can effectively use the inquiry platform, classification information platform and B to B website to undertake effective branding some high weight, which can not only increase the high quality of the chain and can achieve some publicity, so long as the effect reaches a certain degree of publicity force you want soon will be very obvious. read more

Noble baby yesterday adjustment algorithm

贵族宝贝.hk in the search results of each noble baby in the lower right corner to add a web page snapshot of words, as long as the mouse moved to the words on the page will display the snapshot image right from the search results.

search results in the lower right corner of the page to add a snapshot of the word

as long as the mouse moved to the words will be displayed on the web page of the snapshot image right from the search results, at the same time the snapshot page nobility baby and a description of the search results on tagging. read more

The medical website internal optimization suggestions

6.RSS: (Wang Zhai), QQ bookmarks, love Shanghai collections, the medical industry navigation, the Wang Zhai system, submitted a bookmark.


medical website keyword must be important, the main keywords can be placed in the home, secondary to the key words on the page.

chain, inside the chain increase included weight gain. Keywords can add regional word

three, medical website keyword distribution rules:

3. can be established Links columns, self-help connection function, attract other sites active peer link. read more