Making History Available On Demand

first_imgThe instinct to preserve and share information is as old as mankind—some of the first cave paintings trace back to 35,000 B.C. Our identity is defined by our own experiences and knowledge of the experiences that came before us. Innovation is created, in part, by understanding and building on this past knowledge.Around the world, large museums and small local libraries alike are starting to think about the next phase of life for their irreplaceable collections. The constant threat of aging and over handling of delicate manuscripts, maps, and photographs creates a need for a more permanent preservation solution. Through digitization, institutions have found an answer that will safely preserve materials for centuries to come.Founded in the 15th century, the Vatican Library is one of the oldest libraries in the world and contains nearly 80,000 historic texts and manuscripts. To preserve these documents and make them accessible to the world at large, the Vatican has embarked upon a multi-year project to digitize, store, archive and put the entire collection online. With help from EMC’s Information Heritage Initiative, which aims to protect and preserve the world’s cultural information through digitization, the Vatican’s 45 petabytes of text will be made available to those outside its walls, something that was completely unimaginable before.While digitization is the next advancement in a long line of technologies that preserve the past, it has an added bonus—global accessibility. The Pisgah Astronomical Research Institute (PARI) in North Carolina is a great example of an institution using digitization to expand its reach. The organization is currently digitizing hundreds of thousands of fragile ‘star plates’—photographic glass plates of the night sky, stored in a basement archive. Thanks to technology from EMC, digital copies of the plates are now housed in a massive online database, accessed and analyzed by researchers around the world.Other examples of work being done around the world to preserve and share priceless artifacts include:Ernest Hemingway’s Finca Vigía Foundation (Havana, Cuba)—In 2010, Cuba’s El Consejo Nacional de Patrimonio Cultural began restoration and digitization of world-renowned author Ernest Hemingway’s literary and cultural artifacts. The project will offer the world an intimate glimpse into the life of one of the 20th century’s preeminent authors.Yad Vashem (Jerusalem, Israel)—Established in 1953, Yad Vashem, The Holocaust Martyrs’ and Heroes’ Remembrance Authority, is a 45-acre complex of museums, gardens, exhibits, archives, and libraries. Digitization efforts are underway to preserve visual materials related to the Holocaust.JFK Library (Boston, USA)—The John F. Kennedy Presidential Library & Museum is in the process of digitizing and archiving its entire collection including 8.4 million pages of JFK’s personal, congressional, and presidential papers; 9,000 hours of audio recordings; 7.5 million feet of motion picture film; 1,200 hours of video recordings; 400,000 photographs; and 40 million pages donated by individuals associated with the Kennedy administration and mid-20th century history.Through advances in online information storage, researchers, students, and innovators around the world have the opportunity to uncover hidden connections and build on previous experiences. The ubiquitous access to data that spans place and time will accelerate innovation for centuries to come.last_img read more

Best Monitors for Workplace Productivity

first_imgIn today’s workplace, productivity is always top of mind for employees, managers and leadership. So, it’s only natural that companies equip their teams with the latest products to achieve peak productivity. Whether you are an engineer, sales person, administrator, teacher, healthcare professional or accountant, Dell’s latest line-up of professional monitors has the right display to help you be more productive.With slimmer bezels, the new professional monitors offer a better visual experience while also making it easier to configure your dual- or multi-monitor setup. On select models, the bezel width is nearly 40 percent thinner than previous versions. And with a flicker-free screen and Dell ComfortView, the new P-model monitors are much more comfortable on your eyes by minimizing blue light emissions, allowing you to view your screen over time with ease. These monitors also feature panels with in-plane switching technology that offer consistent colors from virtually any viewing angle.The new P-model monitors are designed with the latest technology in mind and sport a wide range of conveniently accessible digital ports, including two USB 3.0 ports on the side, so you can future-proof your desk setup with a range of flexible mounting options such as arms and display stands. Speaking of which, these monitors help reduce desk clutter with their integrated power and cable management.Not only do the P-models boost the productivity of employees, but they also help boost a company’s bottom line thanks to the eco-conscious design – meeting the latest environmental standards such as ENERGY STAR, EPEAT Gold, TCO Certified Displays and more – that reduces energy consumption and associated costs.Hot Hardware described P-family monitors as:“The perfect blend of productivity-boosting performance and comfort in an eco-conscious design with low power consumption for enterprises of all sizes that want to help limit carbon footprints.”At Dell, we constantly strive to make you and your business more productive, which is one of the many reasons why we’ve been the #1 manufacturer of displays in North America for 16 straight years and worldwide for three years.And with our Premium Panel Guarantee and three years of Advanced Exchange Service and Dell ProSupport (optional for customers in Europe, the Middle East and Africa), we’re committed to giving you peace of mind so you can focus on what you do best.Visit today to find out more about the other exciting aspects of the new P-family of monitors.last_img read more

#TransformHIT: Making Healthcare Digital Transformation a Reality

first_imgNext week, the Dell EMC Healthcare and Life Sciences team will join over 45,000+ health IT professionals, clinicians and executives from around the globe at the HIMSS Annual Conference & Exhibition, the largest health IT event in the industry.Not only will we gain up to date insight into the accelerated pace of change taking place in healthcare fueled by exponentially growing data and applications, but we will also discuss how the use of information and transformative technologies are helping healthcare organizations further improve the quality, safety, and cost-effectiveness of patient care outcomes.The world is quickly becoming a place where everything is connected, creating greater disparate sources of data and insight. Making the digital transformation real is the focus across numerous industries – and healthcare is no exception.We are all living in the digital era where clinicians need faster access to all available patient information, actionable insights to prescribe the best treatment plans to improve patient care outcomes at lower cost and protection of all of this sensitive information against cyber threats. From healthcare integrated delivery networks (IDNs) to rural health centers, Dell EMC provides transformative technology solutions, products, services, and financial offerings that make the future of healthcare real today – from the point of care to the data center to the cloud.This year at HIMSS, Dell EMC executives will be available to host customer, partner, and analyst discussions, providing perspective on how we provide essential infrastructure solutions aligned with our partner ecosystem that address healthcare’s toughest challenges including clinical application optimization, multi-cloud environments, healthcare cloud, clinical genomics, high performance computing (HPC), IoT, innovative devices, and data protection.Along with these strategic discussions we are also featuring customer speakers in our Dell EMC booth # 3613 who will highlight how Dell EMC solutions have been deployed as part of their digital transformation journey in our four focus areas of heath IT transformation, precision medicine transformation, connected health transformation, and security transformation.In addition, there will be experiential demos highlighting our four focus areas of health IT transformation, precision medicine transformation, connected health transformation, and security transformation, focus groups, social media activities and customer events. If you’re in Las Vegas, we hope you will stop by Dell EMC booth #3613. If not, check out our sessions and get social at @DellEMCHealth #TransformHIT #HIMSS18! Making healthcare transformation real!Wednesday, March 7 | 12:30 pm What’s Your Cyber-Attack Recovery (CR) Plan?Cyber-Security is often discussed in terms of prevention and perimeter defenses, but what about Recovery of mission-critical Healthcare Applications when a successful Cyber-Attack Event occurs? In a Healthcare environment resiliency and a layered data protection approach is essential to preserving continuity of critical patient services. In this session, learn how Dell EMC Isolated Recovery Solution and Services can help you perform successful recoveries from a Cyber-Attack event.Tweet UpsTuesday, March 6 | 2:00 pmData Hygiene in Healthcare: The First Step to Getting Value Out of Your DataDigital transformation in healthcare. With digitization, comes automation. With automation comes more applications. With more applications, comes more data. ‘Dirty data’ might cost you more than you realize…especially when it’s stored in legacy applications that are not managed well. Join the discussion taking place in the Dell EMC booth #3613 to share your insights.Wednesday, March 7 | 11:00 amData Innovation: Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence in Healthcare – it’s happening… It’s no secret, the healthcare industry has an (over) abundance of data. There are lots of mergers/acquisitions and consolidations taking place in the industry which only complicates matters and intensifies the playing field. There is likely a ton of analysis that’s not currently being done that could potentially provide better insights and results for healthcare organizations—their doctors, researchers and patients. Now that we have the data, how do we make it useful? How can we deploy machine learning and artificial intelligence technologies into driving better results in a healthcare environment? How do you take the data and make it actionable? We invite you to join us in the Dell EMC booth #3613 to discuss this hot topic.last_img read more

Innovators Use Virtual Reality to Improve Our World

first_imgWalking around SXSW (and a lot of walking that is, let me tell you), you can’t go five minutes without seeing some sort of virtual reality (VR) or augmented reality (AR) installation. Our own #DellExperience has no fewer than three different VR or mixed reality experiences event attendees can check out.It’s not necessarily the hot new, break-out thing that everyone hopes to find at this annual mix of industry conferences, trade shows and festivals, though. VR’s been here for years, so it’s easy to dismiss as no big deal. That would be looking at it from the short-term, gimmick point of view.“However, new ways of using AR and VR have emerged to prove that there is a place for this technology outside of 360 videos and shooting zombies that makes it a far more enduring technology than some of the naysayers at the start made it out to be,” Dell’s VR Guru Gary Radburn noted earlier this year.To help illustrate this we pulled together a panel of innovators who have found ways to use this technology to address larger societal issues ranging from treating veterans with PTSD to influencing policy around caring for our oceans.The key element that connects these is the immersive capability of VR. It can do way more than just make your stomach flip like you’re on a roller coaster, it can take you places you’d never go and make invisible people real to you.“You remember with your whole body, not just with your mind,” said Nonny de la Peña the founder and CEO of Emblematic Group, a digital media company focused on immersive virtual, mixed and augmented reality. “You connect to the story in a very unique way.”Ten years ago when I was building giant Dell computers you could walk through in Second Life, de la Peña was building a virtual prison there that allowed users to be incarcerated and subjected to torture techniques in order to bring attention to human rights violations.“VR is the ultimate Skinner box,” said Dr. Skip Rizzo explaining why it was the right medium for the work he is doing to help veterans face their issues after their nervous system becomes tuned for threat. Exposure therapy – where PTSD sufferers are pushed to tell their story over and over in a safe environment – is the way to ultimately reduce their anxiety. By building out 14 different virtual worlds that resemble real places military veterans have experienced trauma, they’ve been able to transport them back to the scene to get through things they didn’t think they could before.“When given the choice, 75 percent pick the VR option [over talking with an individual therapist],” noted Rizzo. He hopes to bring this sort of therapy to civilian first responders in the future, and also leverage it to train them before they are exposed to trauma so that they will be better equipped to handle it later.Other use cases of VR for good discussed by this panel included our Social Good Advocate Adrian Grenier talking about how adding vibration to the experience enabled users to hear the Lonely Whale who otherwise couldn’t be heard because of the low frequency with which he communicates.And Vice President Global Supply Chain Sustainability at Dell, Jennifer Allison, shared how we use virtual reality to open the doors to our suppliers’ and our own manufacturing facilities; allowing customers to see first-hand how our products are made and the people who make them.Watch the replay of the full session here to hear more:last_img read more

Senior Executives Explain What Sets PowerEdge Technology Apart

first_imgSee which words top Dell EMC executives choose to describe the latest PowerEdge servers…In the first of two blogs based on our On the Road series of video interviews with top executives, we introduce their thoughts on why the no-compromise servers in the latest Dell EMC PowerEdge portfolio are arguably the best possible choice for your customers.Across a series of six short and very accessible videos, they give an overview of what it is that sets pioneering PowerEdge technology apart. Learn how these best-selling servers are built from the ground up without compromise to drive and enable IT transformation.Close collaboration between Dell EMC and Intel®On the road with Ferhad PatelFerhad Patel is Director of Business Development at Intel – and Dell EMC is Intel’s largest partner in the enterprise space. Watch this video to learn more about the close collaboration between Intel and Dell EMC and how the Xeon® Scalable Processor platform that features in the latest PowerEdge servers is Intel’s biggest launch in a decade.“Our collaboration spans decades,” he says, of what he describes as an exciting, best-of-breed partnership. “When we launch new products, we’re there with Dell and we do all the validation before we do the launch. We have engineers at their site before launch, and vice versa.Ferhad explains that the close collaboration between Dell EMC and Intel delivers a win:win combination of 65% performance improvements over the previous processor and also enables customers to achieve greater performance capabilities with fewer servers.For Ferhad, PowerEdge in a word is: “Industry-leading”> Watch the video now (2:38 length) to learn more about the enhanced agility, performance and security.Comprehensive rack and tower choicesOn the road with Claude LavigneDell EMC’s Director of Product Development, Claude Lavigne, is a specialist in rack and tower servers. He explains that the latest Dell EMC PowerEdge configurations offer simple scalability, enhanced performance and easy, but advanced, system management.You can watch this interview to get a quick overview of the comprehensive choice of rack and tower server solutions within the Dell EMC PowerEdge portfolio – everything from high-performance 4-socket solutions to entry-level tower servers – and their suitability for different target customers.Plus, you’ll learn how being built from the ground up without compromise enables PowerEdge servers to deliver the difference for organizations of all sizes.How does Claude describe PowerEdge in a word? “Number One”> View the interview here (3:10 length) to see why Claude recommends PowerEdge for your customers.Innovative modular server solutionsOn the road with David K NguyenTypical customers for modular servers are those looking for a combination of three things: the highest computing processing power for their workloads, to simplify the scale-out environment and to also save data center space.Watch this ‘on the move’ interview with David K Nguyen, Director of Servers, Product Management at Dell EMC to discover why he believes that innovative Dell EMC PowerEdge servers are far more advanced than competitor options.For David, PowerEdge is simply: “All-Inspiring”> See what David says (3:26 length) about trusted partnership, world-class support and reliable products.Enabling easier system managementOn the road with Kevin NoreenKevin Noreen is Senior Director, Product Management at Dell EMC. He compares the advancements in the system management associated with the latest PowerEdge technology to a self-driving car, in terms of the efficiencies that can be achieved in the data center.Check out this video to learn how the systems management software in the latest Dell EMC PowerEdge server portfolio automates tasks across the entire IT lifecycle, resulting in outstanding operational efficiency – and how OpenManage Mobile capabilities are revolutionizing systems management.You could now be able to complete a typical 4-hour IT service for a customer in just 30 seconds…According to Kevin, PowerEdge is simply: “Superior”> Watch the video now (5:13 length) to find out how easier system management is saving everyone time.Optimally enhanced productivity and securityOn the road with Enrico BracalenteIn the words of Director of Product Manager, Dell EMC Infrastructure Solutions, Enrico Bracalente, new PowerEdge is a “wonderful machine and state-of-the-art product”.He explains that the positive reaction of the technical press to the latest PowerEdge servers simply reflects the “exciting” and “unique” reports and opinions from customers themselves.Increased automation and performance, plus enhanced security that’s built into every aspect of the server infrastructure from the ground up is proving to be a massive hit.Learn how fully integrated security improvements and innovative systems management software within the Dell EMC PowerEdge portfolio is making daily life for IT/Infrastructure Managers a little easier – at the same time as increasing productivity, reliability and cost-effectiveness for customers.How does Enrico describe PowerEdge in a word? “Superlative”> View the interview here (4:10 length) to learn why Enrico is so proud of new PowerEdge serversSeize the PowerEdge advantage for your businessChannel Partners VideoFinally, let’s hear from Dell EMC executives John Byrne, Brian Payne and Cheryl Cook about the PowerEdge value proposition for the channel.In this short video, they explain how combining the industry’s #1 server products with the compelling Partner Program represents a fantastic opportunity for your business…> Transform your business with PowerEdge (2:06 length)Get up to speed with the wide-ranging benefits of the latest Dell EMC PowerEdge servers.  Access all of these short videos and more on your Partner Portallast_img read more

Your Digital Workplace Transformation Just Got Easier with VDI

first_imgThe aroma of coffee permeates homes around the world as millions of employees log on to their computers to start their workdays. Although working from home is something many are still getting used to, a cup of morning joe or a favorite tea and a “hey, how’s it going” from caring colleagues is what gets them through this massive change in their traditional work style.In many instances, remote working was rapidly implemented by companies in response to COVID-19, but there are many indications that ‘working from anywhere’ in some form is here to stay. In a 2020 Dell Technologies customer survey:Roughly 20% of workforces were working remote before 2020During the pandemic, this number has grown exponentially to 80%~40% of the workforce will continue to work from home, even after a vaccine is widely availableHow do companies implement a more productive digital workplace?Many organizations have turned to Virtual Desktop Infrastructure (VDI) to make remote working more seamless. Traditionally, workstations or PCs operate in an isolated fashion. However, when VDI is used, all desktops and apps are virtualized in a data center. Known for its ability to rapidly deliver secure and easily accessible digital workspaces, VDI has powered a number of different industry applications from colleges supporting thousands of students attending classes from their dorm rooms to retail customer service agents working remotely around the world.As an example, pairing Dell Technologies Cloud Platform (DTCP) and VMware Cloud Foundation on VxRail with VMware Horizon makes it easier for companies to rapidly deploy virtual workspaces for their employees. This winning hybrid cloud combination allows IT to configure, update and deploy virtual desktops through a centralized location. The best part: VMware Horizon on Dell Technologies Cloud Platform (DTCP) can be deployed quickly – with some of the largest companies implementing VDI workspaces in a matter of weeks.What else makes VDI on DTCP an attractive solution? We highlight the top 5 reasons below.1. But first, secure ITThere’s one thing we can say about COVID-19 – it has caused a lot of us to look much closer at our business continuity plans. However, beyond ‘business as usual,’ there has been a lot more emphasis around cybersecurity.What we’re finding is it’s best to limit the keys to the IT castle. With VMware Horizon on Dell Technologies Cloud Platform (DTCP), desktops and apps are managed virtually by IT rather than on individual bring-your-own (BYO) and corporate devices with varying levels of security protections. It also means centralized deployment of all applications, security updates, and virus controls for employee use.We’re committed to helping our customers #BeCyberSmart in the age of sophisticated hackers. Giving IT the ability to centralize and manage VDI employee workspaces is a great example of better safeguarding against company threats.2. A hybrid mentalityThe future of cloud looks bright. Flexera’s 2020 State of the Cloud Report states that IT professionals plan to increase cloud spend by almost 50% this year.  It’s also clear that enterprises will operate in a multi-cloud environment. From the same study, 93% of enterprises have a multi-cloud strategy and use 2.2 public clouds and 2.2 private clouds, on average. Edge computing adds yet another form of cloud computing to the mix. Why? With the emergence of Internet of Things (IoT) devices and autonomous vehicles that can’t afford to fail, ultra-low latency data processing at edge locations becomes extremely attractive to the cloud market.VMware Horizon on Dell Technologies Cloud Platform enables you to set up hybrid cloud environments so you can deploy and scale workloads like VDI quickly. Also, through one user interface, you can manage your on-premises and public cloud environments and burst into the cloud for seasonal demand spikes, if needed.Automated lifecycle management is also a game-changing feature. Deep integration between VMware SDDC (software-defined data center) and VxRail Manager allows you to deploy patches and updates as they happen to ensure you are operating in the most up-to-date hybrid cloud environment.3. The fan favoriteHow many times have you logged on to your laptop and watched an application load for what seems like eternity? We stare at it willing it to go faster, as if the information is being pulled from outer space. We can’t let that happen in the workplace or employees will work around what they are provided by IT.A VDI environment that ensures the best user experience is critical to business continuity and employee satisfaction. Factors like slow logon and excessive application load times have been found to greatly cut into employee productivity. The good news is, VMware Horizon on Dell Technologies Cloud Platform is a best-in-class VDI solution.In a recent independent VDI testing study, VMware Horizon on Dell Technologies Cloud Platform user experience was up to 2.5x better than Amazon WorkSpaces™.¹  That means employees get work done faster so your company is one step closer to meeting its business objectives.4. Regulations that keep you up at nightData governance and customer privacy have become huge topics in board rooms around the world. As country-specific data privacy laws carry hefty fines, IT professionals are looking a lot closer at where data is housed and how it is processed. Centralization and control of IT environments are critical so businesses can reduce their risk.Using a VDI environment such as VMware Horizon on Dell Technologies Cloud Platform, IT professionals can centralize user identity and access management, process mission-critical and sensitive data in the data center and monitor information usage. All of these features help to reduce corporate security concerns.5. Preparing for tomorrowExciting technological advances such as artificial intelligence, machine learning and 5G promise to digitally transform the world as we know it and unleash a range of different use case possibilities across industries. The great advantage of implementing VMware Horizon on Dell Technologies Cloud Platform is that compute resources can be re-allocated to power new and innovative use cases during off-hours.For example, resources can be allocated to perform regular employee tasks using VDI by day, and at night when those resources remain virtually unused, companies can try out new use cases leveraging machine learning or a number of other forward-looking technologies.Wrap-UpVDI is a great way to transform your digital workplace. Once you implement a VDI solution like VMware Horizon on Dell Technologies Cloud Platform, you’ll be able to:Take a flexible, hybrid approach to cloudProvide the best VDI experience for your employeesSecure your data and comply with regulationsInnovate for the future to remain one step ahead of your competitionWhat else are you doing to digitally transform your workforce?¹ Based on a Cloud Evolutions report commissioned by Dell Technologies, “Virtual Desktop Performance and User Experience Comparison:  A Comparison of Horizon on DTCP, Amazon WorkSpaces on AWS, and Microsoft Windows Virtual Desktop on Azure,” based on sessions reporting a 90% or greater user experience ranking using Lakeside SysTrack to simulate remote end user experience; using SysTrack to evaluate the productivity impact of remote worker sessions; and using SysTrack to simulate Zoom collaborative applications, November 2020.  Actual results may vary.last_img read more