Your Digital Workplace Transformation Just Got Easier with VDI

first_imgThe aroma of coffee permeates homes around the world as millions of employees log on to their computers to start their workdays. Although working from home is something many are still getting used to, a cup of morning joe or a favorite tea and a “hey, how’s it going” from caring colleagues is what gets them through this massive change in their traditional work style.In many instances, remote working was rapidly implemented by companies in response to COVID-19, but there are many indications that ‘working from anywhere’ in some form is here to stay. In a 2020 Dell Technologies customer survey:Roughly 20% of workforces were working remote before 2020During the pandemic, this number has grown exponentially to 80%~40% of the workforce will continue to work from home, even after a vaccine is widely availableHow do companies implement a more productive digital workplace?Many organizations have turned to Virtual Desktop Infrastructure (VDI) to make remote working more seamless. Traditionally, workstations or PCs operate in an isolated fashion. However, when VDI is used, all desktops and apps are virtualized in a data center. Known for its ability to rapidly deliver secure and easily accessible digital workspaces, VDI has powered a number of different industry applications from colleges supporting thousands of students attending classes from their dorm rooms to retail customer service agents working remotely around the world.As an example, pairing Dell Technologies Cloud Platform (DTCP) and VMware Cloud Foundation on VxRail with VMware Horizon makes it easier for companies to rapidly deploy virtual workspaces for their employees. This winning hybrid cloud combination allows IT to configure, update and deploy virtual desktops through a centralized location. The best part: VMware Horizon on Dell Technologies Cloud Platform (DTCP) can be deployed quickly – with some of the largest companies implementing VDI workspaces in a matter of weeks.What else makes VDI on DTCP an attractive solution? We highlight the top 5 reasons below.1. But first, secure ITThere’s one thing we can say about COVID-19 – it has caused a lot of us to look much closer at our business continuity plans. However, beyond ‘business as usual,’ there has been a lot more emphasis around cybersecurity.What we’re finding is it’s best to limit the keys to the IT castle. With VMware Horizon on Dell Technologies Cloud Platform (DTCP), desktops and apps are managed virtually by IT rather than on individual bring-your-own (BYO) and corporate devices with varying levels of security protections. It also means centralized deployment of all applications, security updates, and virus controls for employee use.We’re committed to helping our customers #BeCyberSmart in the age of sophisticated hackers. Giving IT the ability to centralize and manage VDI employee workspaces is a great example of better safeguarding against company threats.2. A hybrid mentalityThe future of cloud looks bright. Flexera’s 2020 State of the Cloud Report states that IT professionals plan to increase cloud spend by almost 50% this year.  It’s also clear that enterprises will operate in a multi-cloud environment. From the same study, 93% of enterprises have a multi-cloud strategy and use 2.2 public clouds and 2.2 private clouds, on average. Edge computing adds yet another form of cloud computing to the mix. Why? With the emergence of Internet of Things (IoT) devices and autonomous vehicles that can’t afford to fail, ultra-low latency data processing at edge locations becomes extremely attractive to the cloud market.VMware Horizon on Dell Technologies Cloud Platform enables you to set up hybrid cloud environments so you can deploy and scale workloads like VDI quickly. Also, through one user interface, you can manage your on-premises and public cloud environments and burst into the cloud for seasonal demand spikes, if needed.Automated lifecycle management is also a game-changing feature. Deep integration between VMware SDDC (software-defined data center) and VxRail Manager allows you to deploy patches and updates as they happen to ensure you are operating in the most up-to-date hybrid cloud environment.3. The fan favoriteHow many times have you logged on to your laptop and watched an application load for what seems like eternity? We stare at it willing it to go faster, as if the information is being pulled from outer space. We can’t let that happen in the workplace or employees will work around what they are provided by IT.A VDI environment that ensures the best user experience is critical to business continuity and employee satisfaction. Factors like slow logon and excessive application load times have been found to greatly cut into employee productivity. The good news is, VMware Horizon on Dell Technologies Cloud Platform is a best-in-class VDI solution.In a recent independent VDI testing study, VMware Horizon on Dell Technologies Cloud Platform user experience was up to 2.5x better than Amazon WorkSpaces™.¹  That means employees get work done faster so your company is one step closer to meeting its business objectives.4. Regulations that keep you up at nightData governance and customer privacy have become huge topics in board rooms around the world. As country-specific data privacy laws carry hefty fines, IT professionals are looking a lot closer at where data is housed and how it is processed. Centralization and control of IT environments are critical so businesses can reduce their risk.Using a VDI environment such as VMware Horizon on Dell Technologies Cloud Platform, IT professionals can centralize user identity and access management, process mission-critical and sensitive data in the data center and monitor information usage. All of these features help to reduce corporate security concerns.5. Preparing for tomorrowExciting technological advances such as artificial intelligence, machine learning and 5G promise to digitally transform the world as we know it and unleash a range of different use case possibilities across industries. The great advantage of implementing VMware Horizon on Dell Technologies Cloud Platform is that compute resources can be re-allocated to power new and innovative use cases during off-hours.For example, resources can be allocated to perform regular employee tasks using VDI by day, and at night when those resources remain virtually unused, companies can try out new use cases leveraging machine learning or a number of other forward-looking technologies.Wrap-UpVDI is a great way to transform your digital workplace. Once you implement a VDI solution like VMware Horizon on Dell Technologies Cloud Platform, you’ll be able to:Take a flexible, hybrid approach to cloudProvide the best VDI experience for your employeesSecure your data and comply with regulationsInnovate for the future to remain one step ahead of your competitionWhat else are you doing to digitally transform your workforce?¹ Based on a Cloud Evolutions report commissioned by Dell Technologies, “Virtual Desktop Performance and User Experience Comparison:  A Comparison of Horizon on DTCP, Amazon WorkSpaces on AWS, and Microsoft Windows Virtual Desktop on Azure,” based on sessions reporting a 90% or greater user experience ranking using Lakeside SysTrack to simulate remote end user experience; using SysTrack to evaluate the productivity impact of remote worker sessions; and using SysTrack to simulate Zoom collaborative applications, November 2020.  Actual results may vary.last_img read more

​EU green pensions regulation is moving too fast, says Leppäla

first_img“For pension funds, we have just recently had the new IORP II directive, which has very far-reaching requirements in ESG issues in governance risk management – and also in allowing pension funds to take ESG into account in their investments,” Leppäla said in a video panel discussion.“We would like to see how that actually works before the regulation is taken further,” the CEO said.However, Leppäla said he thought the renewed strategy would go forward and said there was a great need for it, moving as it did from the original environmental objectives towards social objectives as well as the issue of whether there should be a “brown taxonomy” as well as a green taxonomy.“Brown taxonomy” describes a report on the provisions required for extending the requirements of the EU Taxonomy Regulation to activities that do significantly harm environmental sustainability.PensionEurope did have many concerns about this particular element of the strategy, Leppäla said.“If you start blacklisting sectors and companies, increasingly you make the transformation to more environmentally-friendly or social enterprises more difficult,” he added.Investors could make a bigger difference in contributing to the green transition by investing in companies changing their emissions levels rather than divesting, he said.Looking for IPE’s latest magazine? Read the digital edition here. Matti Leppäla, chief executive officer of PensionsEurope, said he was worried that EU regulation around responsible investment for pension funds was moving too fast without first allowing time to see how rules works in practice.The leader of the cross-European pensions industry association told the IPE Summer Pensions Congress 2020 this morning: “One concern is that this is moving so rapidly, this regulatory framework and policies.”Leppäla said PensionsEurope was submitting its response today to the European Commission’s consultation on its renewed sustainable finance strategy – which builds on the 2018 action plan on financing sustainable growth, and is meant to provide a roadmap for increasing private investment in green projects.That consultation closes today.last_img read more

Brown hits triple-double at Armon Gilliam Camp

first_imgCOACHING STAFF SET TO GO WITH GUEST STARS, MYRON BROWN, OF THE MINNESOTA TIMBERWOLVES, AND GERALD WARRICK, OF THE HARLEM WIZARDS.To be honest, it wasn’t the same way he served up triple doubles to the teams that invaded Morrow Field House at Slippery Rock University that had a much different defensive game plan in mind…but to no avail.Some of you are too young to know, some of you are on the edge and kind of remember, many of you were like me and had the pleasure of seeing the one-man wrecking crew take flight in route to becoming the Rock’s greatest, all-time player. And yes, there have been some great ones.CAMP DIRECTOR COACH JAY LATIMER ARRIVES IN STYLE!The likes of Payton Tomlin, Jeff Lake, Mark Balbac, Larry Thompson, just to name a few. But none of them went on to become the conference all time leading scorer, university all time scorer, college All-American and Hall of Fame inductee as “Flyin’” Myron Brown did!How, you ask, does this tie into the 40th Annual Armon The Hammer “Hard Work” Basketball Camp?  Well I’ll tell you. In his early days, Myron Brown was that camper. Obvious talent. Unlimited energy and an infectious smile.last_img read more

Gigi Rüf takes home winner’s title at 2013 Red Bull Ultra Natural

first_img2012 winner and course designer, Travis Rice, finished tenth overall in the field of 16 snowboarders.“The top 3 riders are the top 3 for a good reason,” says Competitor and Event Creator Travis Rice. “They rode the best on today’s course. Our podium finishers rode the course like it was meant to be ridden.  They found their own lines, everyone had their own creative expression on the course, and that’s what Red Bull Ultra Natural is all about.” Nicolas Müller did the most tricks of anyone else on the hill today but fell on a backside 540, virtually ending his chances for the top spot.However, his huge mute air ollie over a treetop pillow left the judges in awe after going bigger and farther than almost anyone else on course today. Bryan Fox may have been a newcomer to Red Bull Ultra Natural, but it sure didn’t show in his riding. Fox was the only rider to stand-up top to bottom his entire run, landing such difficult tricks as back-to-back-to-back 360’s, a front side inverted 720 and a 50-50 off a log feature.  In the end, the cleanliness of his run didn’t outweigh the creativity of Rüf’s or Müller’s. “’Scary Cherry’ itself is a really difficult run in the best of conditions without a single feature on it.  For a regular guy like me, to ride 2400-2600 vertical feet in one continuous run is a lot.  Your legs are burning at the bottom,” said Baldface Lodge Owner Jeff Pensiero. “To think that guys are linking 5 or 6 features, then continuing down and doing a backflip or something off the big jump, then doing tricks in the lower section of the course, to me that is absolutely super human. And all of them, from the guy that got last place to Gigi, were able to exercise something I’ll never have.  So to be able to witness that in my backyard on a slope that I’ve ridden for all these years is just hard to say anything other than I’m kind of speechless watching it.” Results for the 2013 Red Bull Ultra Natural is as follows:                                      RUN 1     RUN 2 1.  Gigi Rüf                       82.6     72.4 2.  Nicolas Müller            76.4     71.4 3.  Bryan Fox                  44.6     75.4 4.  Terje Håkonsen          66.2     60.2 5.  D. Carrier-Porcheron 62.2     39.2 6.  Mark McMorris          61.6     45.4 7.  Eero Niemela            61.0     34.0 8.  Pat Moore                 59.0     38.0 9.  Lucas Debari            57.2     53.0 10.  Travis Rice             56.2     49.2 11.  Jussi Oksanen        27.8     55.4 12.  Bode Merrill            48.8     45.2 13.  Jake Blauvelt          46.8     48.0 14.  Wolfgang Nyvelt     45.6     42.8 15.  Torstein Horgmo     32.6     44.8 16.  Mikey Rencz          39.6     40.0 Fans in the U.S. can tune-in to NBC on March 30th at 1:30 p.m. ET/10:30 a.m. PT to catch Red Bull Ultra Natural presented by Nike Snowboarding. The show airs as part of the Red Bull Signature Series, an action sports property featuring some of Red Bull’s top events including Dreamline, Wake Open and Rampage.  For more information, please visit A little luck, combined with some great rides, powered Austria’s Gigi Rüf to the top of the podium at the Red Bull Ultra Natural held Sunday at Balface Lodge in the mountains near Nelson.The Austrian rider outdueled 15 of the world’s best snowboarders and deteriorating weather to capture the second annual event staged on the run known as “Scary Cherry” at Baldface Lodge.“I don’t know, I definitely got lucky,” said Rüf about his performance today. “I don’t really consider myself a ‘winner,’ I believe in luck and coincidence.  My friend told me about a great quote that says a winner doesn’t need luck, but I believe there was a little bit of luck involved today just because of how Mother Nature played out and how she played into my vision.”Rüf stood on top of the podium after putting together a creative run showcasing his unique style, utilizing a variety of both the natural and man-made features on the mile long course. Switzerland’s Nicolas Müller not only took second place but was also presented the Best Trick Award with a gigantic mute air over a tree, sending himself nearly 100-feet down the 45-plus degree course. Rounding out the podium was Southern California’s Bryan Fox, a first-timer at Red Bull Ultra Natural and a late addition to the event as a wildcard entry.last_img read more

Mallard’s Team of the Week — Team Chapman

first_imgPictured with Chapman standing far right, is third Vivian Benedetti, second Darryl Little and lead Kathy Centrone.The rink may be back in action when Nelson plays host to the Valentines Mixed Curling Bonspiel February 14-16 at the Heritage City Club. Mallard’s Source for sports has reached into the curling ranks to find the latest recipient of Team of the Week honours.Mallard’s Staff found the B event champs from the recent Castlegar Sunflower Mixed Bonspiel as worthy winners, after the rink was crowned winners at the 16-team tournament.The Bob Chapman got off to a tough start before capturing the semi final win and completing the comeback with a decision the B event final.last_img read more