Backblaze declares the DVD is dead

first_imgBackblaze is an online backup service that has been keeping our data safe in case of disaster since 2008. Last year, the company also showed us how to build a 135 terabyte storage pod for $7,384.After 3 years of backing up files, the company knows a thing or two about how data restores are carried out in terms of both frequency and delivery. In the past they’ve offered restore options via online, DVD, or USB portable hard drives. Now they’ve decided it’s time to call the DVD a dead storage option.The DVD restore is no longer a Backblaze restore option, but it has been replaced with the up-to-date and increasingly common USB flash drive, or USB Flash Key as they call it. For $99 a year you have the option of receiving restores of up to 28GB on a flash stick via FedEx. The reason for the switch is down to what customers want. In Backblaze’s relatively short 3 years of service, the company has seen downloaded restores happening 8,000 time more often than DVD restores. Even the USB hard drive option, which costs nearly double what the DVD restore option did ($189 compared to $99) was used 50 times more often. Clearly nobody wants DVDs anymore.The switch to USB Flash Keys makes a lot of sense for both Backblaze and customers. It’s faster for Backblaze to transfer the restore data on to a flash drive than it is to burn multiple DVDs, and they are lighter to ship beyond a certain restore size. For customers, they get a reusable drive with their data on, plus they can use it with a growing number of devices that don’t have an optical drive. One thing that may be squeezed by the switch is the amount of profit Backblaze make on the $99 restore option. A 16GB flash drive costs around $15, where as you can get a spindle on 50 4.7GB DVDs for around the same price. Even so, most people will be glad Backblaze decided to make the switch and it could mean more customers take up the $99 option in future.Read more at Backblazelast_img read more