Nokia Developers Walk Out By the Hundreds in Protest of Microsoft Deal

first_imgNo sooner than the news came down this morning that Nokia would partner with Microsoft to adopt Windows Phone 7 as the operating system of choice for the future of Nokia smartphones, the backlash from Nokia employees – most of them developers working on Symbian, Nokia’s old and floundering smartphone platform – was swift, quiet, and clear: about 1,500 of them, working out of Nokia’s office in Tampere, Finland, stood up and walked out in protest. It’s clear why these developers in particular had the strongest reaction: even though Nokia says that there will be more Symbian phones and the company isn’t abandoning the platform entirely (yet,) it’s clear that the winds have changed and as soon as Nokia’s re-org plans go into effect, a good chunk of them will lose their jobs. Nokia hasn’t announced the specifics of how their announced platform changes will change staffing and development just yet, but it’s just a matter of time. Interestingly enough, Adrian Biggins, recruiter at Google EMEA, was more than happy to take the opportunity to remind those disgruntled developers (via Twitter) that they’re hiring, and that they should send in their resumes if they’re looking for work.last_img read more