HTC confirms free 5GB Dropbox storage for all Android phones

first_imgLast month it came to light that HTC had done a very clever deal with Dropbox. In the face of Apple launching iCloud, and Microsoft already having SkyDrive, HTC decided to let anyone with one of their HTC phones have 5GB of free Dropbox cloud storage.At the time, we thought that such an offer would only be made to forthcoming HTC handsets running Sense 3.5 starting with the Rhyme, but a tweet from the company has suggested otherwise.Any doubt that HTC really does mean all its Android handsets was removed when ConnorRobertsUK asked the obvious question “all phones or all new phones?”. HTC’s response:While limiting the freebie to new devices may have been the original idea to push sales, it looks like HTC has had a change of heart. By offering it to all Android phones it will certainly be met with cheers from existing owners. It could also make that upgrade to another HTC device all the more easier for them.As for Dropbox, I’m sure they prefer it if all HTC Android phone owners are offered the service. It means more users, and therefore more chance some of them will upgrade to a paid-for account with 50GB or 100GB of storage.HTC hasn’t explained how it will roll out this offer yet, but it makes sense to already have the Dropbox app downloaded and an account created for when it does. Hopefully it’s just a case of associating your phone with the account somehow to trigger the extra 3GB of storage above Dropbox’s standard, free 2GB offering.via Pocket-lintlast_img read more