MSIs VR PC backpack looks like something Tony Stark would wear

first_imgVirtual reality gaming can be mind-blowingly cool, but you can look decidedly uncool while doing it. MSI wants to make sure it’s not your gear that makes you look dorky.Their new VR One backpack PC is about as sleek as they come. Like pretty much every piece of edgy gaming gear on the market, it’s aggressively-styled and predominantly black with red accents. MSI didn’t get too carried away — as PC makers sometimes do. There’s a bit of engraving work on the VR One’s shell, but it’ll be hidden against your back while you wear it.You’ll barely notice the VR One while you have it on. MSI says it’s the lightest backpack PC yet, not that there’s a huge field of competitors. Still, at just a hair under 8 pounds you probably carried much heavier loads of textbooks around on your back at one point in your life or another.You can almost hear him saying “pew pew pew!”Wearing the VR One means there’s no messy cords on your floor to trip over while you’re gaming. That’s good. No power cord means that you’re only going to game as long as the batteries can hold out. That’s bad, but it’s not as bad as you might think. According to MSI, the VR One will last for about 90 minutes. That should give you plenty of time to battle it out with a virtual Mandarin or defend your stance on superhero oversight against former allies like Captain America.If it’s not, you can always hot-swap a battery to keep the action going — or if things get really desperate you can hook up a cord and keep things running until the power company cuts you off.last_img read more