Apple Store to soon allow selfcheckouts via app

first_imgWhether you’re a fan of Apple or not, you have to admit that they aren’t a company that unquestioningly accepts the traditional way of doing things. The latest change that they are rolling out will allow customers to complete their Apple retail store purchases by using an iOS app.How does it work? Apparently a future update to the Apple Store iOS app will allow you to choose an item to purchase from within the app. At that point, you simply take the product off of the shelf, and go along on your merry way. Employees, of course, will be on-hand to confirm the purchase, by looking at your confirmation email. Will you still need to flag down an employee, or will they be keeping watch at the door? That part isn’t clear, but they will obviously need some kind of oversight to avoid shoplifting.If you’ve ever shopped at an Apple Store, you may know that expensive devices like iPhones, iPads, and Macs are all stocked in the back. This program will therefore only apply to the (less expensive) accessories that are located on the floor. You will still be able to purchase the stocked computing devices through the app, but you will have to grab an employee to get them for you.If all of this sounds familiar, it is similar to the in-store pickup of online orders that Apple is beginning to allow. That has only rolled out to San Francisco-area stores, but is expected to spread elsewhere before too long. Perhaps the two programs will launch simultaneously, in time for the holidays.While we are all accustomed to self-checkout lanes in various supermarkets and department stores, this will be the first case I’m aware of where you can actually complete an in-store purchase via an app. Even though employees will need to confirm the purchases, they won’t need to spend as much time processing payments. This could lead to a more efficient use of store resources, freeing associates up to do other things that require a human being. It isn’t out of the realm of possibility that this could also be an indirect way to lay early groundwork for NFC capabilities in the next iPhone.via MacRumorslast_img read more