Artist recreates HalfLife Gravity Gun for Childs Play

first_imgPeople that aren’t part of the video game culture never seem to understand why something like this is drool worthy to a gamer. Pictured above is a handmade, life-sized replica of the famous Gravity Gun from Valve’s Half-Life games, arguably one of the best first person shooters ever created.Artist Harrison Krix, owner of Volpin Props created this one-of-a-kind model for Penny Arcade’s charity, Child’s Play. It will be auctioned off this week to the highest bidder, with all proceeds going towards the fundraising goal. Before you get your hopes up of winning this incredible piece of art, Krix’s replica of the Portal gun from last year went for “twice what his car his worth”. Expect to part with a lot of your hard earned cash if you want to be the proud owner.Taking five weeks and countless hours of work, Krix described this project as one that he has wanted to do for a long time, but was intimidated by the level of intricacy required. He wisely noted that if he got anything wrong he would have a large number of gamers letting him know. The full creation process will be released in the coming weeks, but you can tell how much effort went into making the replica look as real as possible. Just by looking at the picture you can almost feel the power of the Xen Crystal lighting he put into the barrel.Besides making one of the coolest pieces of gaming art we’ve ever seen, Krix wanted to make sure he provided something that was going to bring a large amount to the Child’s Play charity. If you are unfamiliar with Child’s Play, it’s an outstanding organization. Founded by the guys behind Penny Arcade, it’s a drive to provide children’s hospitals around the world with video gaming equipment. Children that are in a participating hospital for an overnight or longer stay can request a console or portable system to help them pass the time while they get treated.If you’re a gamer, it’s a great charity to support, especially as many of the kids that benefit from the drive are seriously ill. To date Child’s Play has raised over 1 million dollars this year. It’s not too late to donate, and if you have the scratch, you could always try to win the Gravity Gun via proxy auction!Read more at Volpin Propslast_img read more