Víctor Font: “Barça is in economic and moral bankruptcy”

first_imgThe evil does not come from now: we have experienced the condemnation of the club for the Neymar case, the disagreements made public between employees and players with executives and managers, and the audit of the social media case, which seems to confirm the scandal. Let’s add an erratic sports policy, the breakdown of the Board of Directors and the significant reduction in income due to the pandemic, and the result is the danger of economic bankruptcy and moral bankruptcy in which the club has settled. Game over.You have to start from scratch. The management model that in recent years has allowed us to be the best multi-sports club in the world no longer works. The lack of transparency, billing more than anyone but spending everything, and having to sell or exchange players at the last minute of each season to balance squeezed accounts is unsustainable. From Yes to Futur we have always been in favor of institutional stability. And it is not a phrase: when the pandemic broke out, we contacted President Josep Maria Bartomeu to put ourselves at his service and try to build a common front during these weeks. But the president chose to make a flight forward, as if this were any crisis. And it is not.Under normal conditions, the gravity of the events would have caused Sí al futur to ask for resignations and the immediate call for early elections.It would be irresponsible not to. But with the country confined and without knowing when we will return to normal life, it is practically impossible to collect signatures, present candidates, campaign and open the polls this summer. And since, in addition, the Club has prolonged as much as possible the use of electronic participation mechanisms of the members in the entity’s major decisions, It is not even realistic to articulate a motion of censure with legal effects to denounce the unjustifiable government action that we are suffering.And this is serious, because in the coming months we will have to make very important decisions that will define the future of the institution. And it must be ensured that these decisions are made in a context of stability and with a very solid project that supports them – requirements that are not present now. The reformed Board of Directors, which was born without authority and credibility, cannot hide behind the pandemic and make decisions that can mortgage the Club’s future.For all these reasons, we demand that the Board of Directors:one. Explain in a totally transparent way the financial situation and the total debt of the club and to what extent this debt limits the short-term action plan.2. Delay making all structural decisions that are not essential, since we do not know for sure what the impact of the coronavirus will be on the life and economy of the Club. It is vital to postpone the decision on Espai Barça until the new Board of Directors is elected.3. Offer the utmost prudence and transparency when making operations (investments and sales) with players.Yes al futur is committed to exercising strict and permanent control of compliance with these requirements.Club management needs a transformation in the law firms that is as brave, creative, innovative and successful as the one Johan Cruyff did on the pitch. And this transformation is possible, because the power of Barça is enormous. But, to achieve it, we need to bring together the best talent available among Barcelona fans and the direct involvement of the athletes who have starred in the best Barça in history. Sí al futur offers an honest project, open to the participation of partners and committed to society and the country. A project that gives us back the confidence of knowing we are well represented by the Entity’s government and makes us feel satisfaction for the game, happiness for the victories and pride in belonging to the best club in the world. Víctor Font, pre-candidate for the Barça presidency and leader of the Sí al Futur platform, wrote an open letter to the media to maintain his critical line with Bartomeu’s errand and form of government. He assures that the club is “in economic and moral bankruptcy”. Announces the end: “Game over”. He asks to postpone the Espai Barça referendum but will not request elections. And he says that the institutional behavior of the club chaired by Josep Maria Bartomeu is “shameful.” This is the literal content of a letter.“For a long time, Yes to Futur, he has been warning Barça’s members that the club is heading towards the “perfect storm”: it must replace the best generation of footballers in history, build and finance Espai Barça and compete against public limited companies with almost unlimited financial resources. And it has to do all this while preserving the ownership of the Club in the hands of the members and its competitive capacity both in football and in all sections.If the risks were great, now they are gigantic: we are in the midst of a pandemic that has paralyzed the planet and that will have effects that today we cannot yet foresee in all walks of life, also in sport. Likewise, months ago we attended a shameful escalation of chapters of the institutional behavior of the Club in which the last one hides the seriousness of the previous one, culminating in recent days with accusations and serious reproaches among managers, and six abrupt resignations. Right at the moment when the only priority should be to get the Club out of this crisis, the presidency announces a new remodel of the Board of Directors to stay in power. Now what is at risk is Barça itself.Gorka Leiza & nbsp; (DIARIO AS) ‘); return false; “class =” item-multimedia “>Victor Fiont.Gorka Leiza (DAILY AS)last_img read more