Laird Some conversions begin in the heart

first_imgHave you ever noticed how flip-flopping is always what the other guy does? But never you. Oh, no! What you do is update your status.While many politicians through the years have been flip-flopping like beached marlin, countless other Americans have been updating their status on the politics of marriage. For example, in 1958 fewer than 5 percent of Americans approved of interracial marriage, according to the Gallup Poll. Back then, interracial marriage was illegal. Today, it is supported by 86 percent of Americans. It’s not only legal, but so widely accepted as to hardly ever enter into a conversation.A similar glacial tsunami (mixed metaphor intentional) is under way with gay marriage. Fifteen years ago, 27 percent of Americans contacted by Gallup supported gays and lesbians getting married. But by 2011, it was 53 percent, and that 26-point shift in 15 years is nudging the speedometer needle past the “glacial” reading.This same attitudinal change is seen in our state. Back in 2006, The Washington Poll (conducted at the University of Washington) showed 30 percent approval of gay marriage. But in just six years, support soared 25 points to 55 percent. The 2012 poll also shows support of marriage equality to be 84 percent among Democrats, followed by those surveyed in the Puget Sound area (63 percent), women (58 percent), men (54 percent), independents (54 percent) and Republicans(24 percent). All of which prompts three questions:Does anyone really believe this trend is going to subside or even reverse itself?If you oppose marriage equality now, at what point in time — if ever — might you be moving over to the right side of history?last_img read more