Italy Sentences Moroccan Nabil Benhamir to 5 Years for Terrorism Plot

Rabat – Police arrested the 29-year-old man in July 2017 for abusing his former partner. A judge sought a second arrest warrant following an investigation when his name was found in the black list of foreign ISIS fighters. Italian police said Benhamir had received “the call” to action and was awaiting instructions on how to carry out terror acts for ISIS.At sentencing yesterday, the ISIS-linked suspect did not appear in person but was connected by video conference. Benhamir is believed to be an ISIS member who returned to Italy from Syria to train other ISIS members to make explosives, reported Italian outlet Giustizia News24.  Italian news outlets reported that the police investigation found instructions for how to ignite explosives with old cell phones, one of which was in the man’s possession when he was arrested.Europol, the FBI, and the Dutch police cooperated in the investigation. read more