Upgrading Coaches Corner

first_imgI am sure by now, if you live in the Batesville area, you are aware that WRBI and ETC have joined forces in bringing some of the local sports programs to TV.  Coaches Corner joined with ETC last spring to rebroadcast the show on Wednesdays and Sundays.  Coaches Corner is still live on radio on Monday nights from 6 – 7.  Aaron Black of ETC is at Ison’s every Monday night to video the show for rebroadcast on ETC home channel on Wednesday and Sunday evenings.  Check your local listings for times!  It has been announced that live broadcasts may follow soon.  Many local schools could be featured in these live broadcasts of high school athletic events.  This, of course, is still in the infant stage.  Even though Coaches Corner has not changed a lot since 1980, you can see that technology is helping bring Coaches Corner to new avenues.  Hopefully, this will also bring about new fans.  As equipment improves, who knows what the future might hold?  Just a few years ago, TV cameras were huge and extremely expensive; and now, the same equipment is much smaller and less expensive.  Other cities are already bringing their local high school sports to TV.  Stay tuned.  We could be next!last_img read more