Most 2017 traffic casualties involved males aged between 18 and 59 –

first_img SharePrint Maltese Roads Traffic UpdatesMaltese Roads Traffic Updates The majority of road traffic casualties in 2017 were experienced by males between the age brackets of 18 and 59 years old, new figures show.According to the National Statistics Office, the largest majority of cases of reported injuries involving males in road traffic accidents were recorded between the three age brackets; 18-25 (210), 26-40 (324) and 41-59 (320) groups. This accounts for 884 total cases, just over 80% of all cases reported for 2017 (1,103).The majority of these are cases of slight injuries; 152, 245 and 246 respectively. Grievous injuries were the second most common; 46, 64 and 62 respectively. Fatalities were reported in the 18-25 and 26-40 age groups; 2 and 3 respectively.This trend within the age-brackets is also shared with females. According to the figures, there were a total of 521 females from this same age bracket, involved in road traffic accidents.  Like with the males, this was mostly seen in terms of Slight injuries, 18-25 (108), 26-40 (169) and 41-59 (170). Likewise, with grievous injuries, this was accounted as; 10, 15 and 20 respectively. A female from each age group died in 2017.These figures form part of the National Statistics Office’s comprehensive 2018 report focused on everything from cruise liner passengers to car ownership and traffic accidents in the reporting year of 2017.Motorcyclists most grievously injured in 2017The NSO figures also show that motorcyclists account for the most grievously injured on the roads in 2017.According to the numbers, there were 104 grievously injured motorcyclists in road traffic accidents, more so than those cases reported for car drivers and other vehicles on the roads.Second to motorcyclists were drivers of passenger cars (58), goods carrying vehicles (7) and drivers of Quad and ATVs (3).Motorcyclists also sustained 270 cases of slight injuries. This was just under half the number of cases faced by drivers of passenger vehicles (556). Slight injuries were also regularly reported for Passengers within passenger vehicles (274). This group also accounted for the highest number of fatal injuries inflicted in road traffic accidents (6). Only 3 motorcyclists were injured fatally in 2017, followed by 4 pedestrians hit by passenger cars.May to July, the most deadly months of 2017NSO’s figures also show that the period between May and July 2017, had the highest casualty to accident ratios.May recorded a ratio of 13.8% between 195 casualties to 1,410 accidents on the roads. This dipped slightly in June with a ratio of 13.5% (188 casualties and 1,395 accidents) before shooting up to 13.9% (192 casualties and 1,384 accidents).These figures correspond with a comparative look at the period between 2015 and 2017. June and July represent the months where road traffic accidents increased year on year. Between the two-year period, June is reported as 1,369, 1,379 and 1,395 cases. July is recorded as 1,525, 1,377 and 1,384 cases. Injuries sustained in traffic accidents drop in Northern Harbour but still high   According to the number of injuries by locality, the Northern Harbour region still maintains the highest number of injuries sustained in road traffic accidents despite a fall in 2017.The figures show that the region saw a slight drop from the 568 cases in 2016 to 520 in 2017. In 2016, these were primarily slight (432) with 104 grievous injuries reported. A year on, the number of grievous injuries remained unchanged with the number of reported slight injuries decreasing to 379.Interestingly, the Northern Harbour region saw the highest number of cases of accidents involving cyclists. This figure rises from 10 in 2016 to 12 in 2017, despite the Northern region reporting the highest number in the previous year (13). Overall, the number of accidents involving cyclists increased slightly in the year period, from 36 to 45. These were primarily slight injuries (25 – 32) and grievous (8 – 11).The region also reported the highest total number of road traffic accidents, recorded at 5,650 in 2017.The Southern Harbour saw the biggest increase between 2016 and 2017, between 384 and 444 cases respectively. As with the Northern Harbour, these were primarily slight (2016 – 317, 2017 – 366) and grievous (2016 – 55, 2017 – 59). The biggest rise was seen with drivers in the Southern region. This increase took place from 191 to 226 cases.The Western region also sees an increase in the number of road traffic accidents happening between the year period; 232 from 204 respectively.Gozo and Comino also see an increase in the number of cases, rising from 110 in 2016 to 122 in 2017.WhatsAppcenter_img <a href=’;cb={random}’ target=’_blank’><img src=’;cb={random}&amp;n=ab2c8853&amp;ct0={clickurl_enc}’ border=’0′ alt=” /></a>last_img read more